Ered Wethrin

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This article is about the mountain range of Beleriand. For the mountains of Mordor, see Ephel Dúath.
Ered Wethrin
Mountain range
"Fingon's Horseriders" by Marya Filatova
General Information
Other namesMountains of Shadow
LocationNorthern Beleriand
TypeMountain range
InhabitantsNoldor, Sindar, Edain

The Ered Wethrin, or the Mountains of Shadow, was a mountain range in the north of Beleriand in the First Age.


A line of hills to the southwest formed the southern boundary of Nevrast. In the south, it was an east-west range that divided Dor-lómin and Mithrim to the north from Beleriand to the south, then in the east it curved around to the northwest, forming the boundary of Hithlum and separating it from Anfauglith. The Mountains of Mithrim were a northwesterly spur that separated Dor-lómin from Mithrim.

Several rivers arose in the Ered Wethrin, including Narog, Taeglin, and Sirion with its source.[1]


They were among the mountains raised about Hithlum during the Battle of the Powers.[2]

When the Noldor followers of Fëanor arrived to Middle-earth, they were first attacked by Orcs in Lake Mithrim. The Dagor-nuin-Giliath began there, but the Noldor pursued the Orcs among the Mountains of Shadow to Ard-galen. However, Fëanor did not stop there and was mortally wounded before reaching Angband. He was saved by his sons and brought back to the slopes of the Ered Wethrin, and while going upward the path in Eithel Sirion, he died there while watching Thangorodrim in the distance.[3]

After the coming of the host of Fingolfin and the rising of the Sun, Morgoth's armies ran back to Angband, but Fingolfin chose to withdraw to Mithrim, having the Ered Wethrin as a shield.[3]

Later, Nevrast, Dor-lómin, Mithrim, and Hithlum were given to Fingolfin and his sons, so all the mountain range became under the protection of the House of Fingolfin. Several fortresses were built here[4], with the main fortress being Barad Eithel from which they watched Ard-galen and their cavalry came upon the plain.[5]

The Ered Wethrin disappeared beneath the waves at the end of the First Age.


Ered Wethrin is Sindarin for "Shadowy Mountains".[6] It consists of ered ("mountains") and gwethrin ("shadowy").[7]