Eithel Sirion

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Eithel Sirion
General Information
LocationIn the eastern Ered Wethrin
DescriptionBeautiful spring of water of Sirion

Eithel Sirion was the initial spring and northernmost point of the great River Sirion.

History[edit | edit source]

Eithel Sirion was located in the eastern part of the Ered Wethrin and overlooked the plains of Ard-galen. From this spot the Sirion flowed south and then slightly east, skirting the plains, to the Fen of Serech.[1] There was a pass west of Eithel Sirion through the mountains that led to Mithrim.[2]

After Fëanor had been mortally wounded by Gothmog his sons carried him away from Dor Daedeloth. As they began climbing the pass near Eithel Sirion, Fëanor had them stop, he cursed Morgoth three times, and then he died. As it left, Fëanor's fiery spirit consumed his body to ash; no tomb was made for him there or elsewhere.[2]

Fingolfin built a great fortress in this location called Barad Eithel, from whence a watch was kept upon the plains. However, in the Dagor Bragollach a host of Morgoth's assailed this place and other fortresses of the Ered Wethrin. Near the Eithel Sirion Hador Lórindol and his son Gundor fell in Fingolfin's rearguard. Morgoth withdrew his forces after the Dagor Bragollach, but sent a new host against Hithlum seven years later. Again the Eithel Sirion and its fortress was a main point of contention and here Galdor of Dor-lómin fell.[3]

At the beginning of the Fifth Battle, the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, Fingon kept watch from the walls of the Barad Eithel for the beacon that would signal the start of the war. At the bidding of Húrin, Fingon held back his strength while the host of Morgoth marched up to the Eithel Sirion. Before the walls of the fortress Gelmir, son of Guilin, was cruelly slain. This enraged his brother Gwindor who charged from the Eithel Sirion on horseback.[4]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Eithel Sirion is Sindarin for "Sirion's Well",[5] from eithel ("spring, well").[6]