Third Age 2850

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Year of
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Third Age 2850 (abbreviated to T.A. 2850) is the 2850th year of the Sun of the Third Age of Middle-earth. Third Age 2850 was also known as S.R. 1250 in Shire-reckoning.

Notable events in this year include:


  1. It is unclear when Thorin succeeded his father as King, after his disappearance; Thráin was abducted in T.A. 2845 and presumably his companions reported it soon after. Thráin died in capture five years later in 2850 but nobody knew it, as it was Gandalf the only one to witness it, and didn't know who he was. According to Appendix A, it was only in 91 years later, meeting Thorin, when he realised that the captured Dwarf he saw dying in Dol Guldur was Thráin, and presumably (not mentioned in the narrative) he reported it to Thorin. It is hard to believe that the Longbeards knew when their King died, or that they remained kingless almost a century until Gandalf confirmed it to Thorin; it is reasonable that Thorin succeeded his father not too long after his disappearance.