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Timeline/Days before days

From Tolkien Gateway
All dates listed are approximate. Calculated solar years for the Valian Years are rounded to the nearest year.[note 1]
Valian Year Calculated Sun Years Event
Ainulindalë; The Ainur enter .[1]
1 – 1,499 1 - 14,363 The First War and the Marring of Arda.[1][2][3]
1,500 14,373 Tulkas enters Arda and Melkor flees.[2][3]
1,900 18,206 The completion of Arda. The Valar create the Two Lamps and settle at Almaren. Beginning of the Spring of Arda.[2][3]
3,400 32,579 Tulkas weds Nessa. Melkor secretly returns to Arda, raises the Iron Mountains and delves Utumno. This partially blights the Spring of Arda.[2][3]
3,450 33,058 Melkor overthrows the Two Lamps, forming the Seas of Helcar and Ringil. Almaren is destroyed. In order to preserve life on the earth, Yavanna sets most living things into a long sleep. End of the Spring of Arda.[2][3]
3,450 –
33,058 -
The Valar raise the Pelóri and settle in Aman. The Two Trees are grown in Valinor.[2][3]


  1. One Valian Year is equal to 9.582 solar years.


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