Tower Hall

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Tower Hall
Peter Xavier Price - The Tower Hall of Denethor.jpg
"The Tower Hall of Denethor" by Peter Xavier Price
General Information
Other namesHall of the Kings[1]
LocationCitadel of Gondor in Minas Tirith
DescriptionLong and lofty hall used for audiences with the King or Steward

The Tower Hall or Hall of the White Tower[2] was the throne room of the Kings of Gondor, the Ruling Stewards,[3] and the Kings of the Reunited Kingdom.[1]


In the topmost level of Minas Tirith, beyond the Court of the Fountain, was the Tower of Ecthelion; in its base was the great Tower Hall. A visitor first passed through an outer door guarded by silent door-wardens and walked down a long and empty paved passage. Next came the inner door, tall and fashioned of polished metal, which was opened by unseen means. Inside, rows of tall pillars, carved monoliths of black marble crowned with capitals exhibiting figures of beasts and leaves, upheld the vaulted ceiling of gold and flowing traceries. Flanking the pillars were spacious aisles lit by deep windows and between the pillars were tall images of long-dead kings made of cold stone.

At the far end of the hall was a dais of many steps which supported a high throne with a marble canopy shaped like a crowned helm. Behind this was the image of a flowering tree set in gems. Upon the lowest step of the dais was an unadorned black chair, the seat of the Steward.[3]

The War of the Ring and Thereafter[edit]

On 9 March T.A. 3019 Gandalf and Pippin reached Minas Tirith[4] and in the Tower Hall met Denethor II, where Pippin pledged service to the aged Steward.[3] On the next day Gandalf and Pippin returned to the Hall where the wizard and the steward discussed the Rohirrim and their policies.[5]

In early May, after victory in the War of the Ring, the new King Elessar sat upon the high throne in the Tower Hall. There he received embassies and pronounced judgements, such as his merciful banishment of Beregond to the White Company, Lord Faramir's guard in Ithilien.[1]