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lore-2 This user has an intermediate understanding of J.R.R. Tolkien's works.

en-N This person is a native user of English.

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<3m This Gatekeeper has contributed to Tolkien Gateway for under three months.

Scotland.png This user is from Scotland.

United Kingdom.png This user is from the United Kingdom.

John Howe - Icon Elves.png This user supports Elves.

LorenzoCB - Finwe device.png This user loves the Ñoldor.

John Howe - Icon Armies of Shadow.png The user supports the forces for Evil.

Balrog.png This user believes Balrogs don't have wings, but wishes that they did.

Jan Drenovec - Túrin vs Morgoth.jpg This user believes the Dagor Dagorath is canonical.

Ents.png This user believes the Entwives are lost forever. Because Tolkien said so.

Catherine Karina Chmiel - Feanor.jpg This user believes Fëanor and his sons were mass-murderers with evil aims. But they may still redeem.

Orcs =
This user believes Elves and Orcs are the same race.

The Return of the King (1980 film) - Singing Orc.png This user thinks Orcs have wonderful singing voices.

Kimberly - Tom Bombadil.jpg This user believes Tom Bombadil is some kind of "Father Nature".