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"Eöl's Swords" by María Lombide Ezpeleta
LocationNan Elmoth, Gondolin
OwnerEöl, Maeglin
AppearanceA glowing black blade that could slice through iron; forged from a meteorite
Nan Elmoth, First Age
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Anguirel was one of a pair of iron-cutting swords forged by Eöl, the Dark Elf, from an iron meteorite. Anguirel's mate was Anglachel, which Eöl gave to Thingol in payment for leave to dwell in Nan Elmoth.[1]


Anguirel's history is far more mysterious. The only specific detail we have is that Eöl kept it for himself, but it was stolen by his son Maeglin. This must have happened when Maeglin and his mother Aredhel fled Nan Elmoth for Gondolin, so presumably the sword was taken to Turgon's hidden city. What became of it after that is unknown.


The etymology of Anguirel is not as clear as that of its mate. It might mean "Iron of the Eternal Star", from ang "iron", uir "eternal" and el "star".


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