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Aranrúth wielded by Thingol in King of Doriath by Elena Kukanova
LocationDoriath, Mouths of Sirion, Númenor
OwnerThingol, Dior, Elwing, Elros, Kings of Númenor
CreatedFirst Age
DestroyedDownfall of Númenor, S.A. 3319

Aranrúth was the sword of the Elven King Thingol of Doriath in the First Age.[1] Thingol apparently prized his weapon: when Beleg asked Thingol for a sword of worth for his quest to seek Túrin, the King said he could have his choice of any except his own.[2]

During the Second Age, Aranrúth was possessed by the Kings of Númenor, which was descended to Elros from Elwing his mother. It did not survive the Downfall of Númenor.[3]


Aranrúth is Sindarin for "King's Ire",[4] from aran ("king") + and rûth ("anger").[5]


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