Grond (Hammer of the Underworld)

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This article is about the mace used by Morgoth. For the the great battering ram, see Grond (battering ram).
Morgoth and Fingolfin by Joel Kilpatrick
Other namesHammer of the Underworld
Notable forWeapon used against Fingolfin
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Grond, called the Hammer of the Underworld, was Morgoth's mighty mace that he bore when he fought Fingolfin before the doors of Angband. Each time Grond struck the ground it shook the land like a bolt of thunder, creating pits from which smoke and fire erupted. However, Fingolfin evaded these lumbering strokes like a flash of lightning; he only fell when he grew weary and Morgoth was able to crush him under his shield.[1]

Much later during the Third Age, Sauron constructed a great battering ram, also called "Grond", designed solely to crush through the mighty gates of Minas Tirith. Named after his former master's weapon, this ram, powered by the Witch-king, broke the city gates in four strokes.[2]


Grond means "very weighty and ponderous" in Sindarin.[3]


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