Elven brooches

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Elven brooches
Clothing item
"Elven Brooch" by John Howe
OwnerFellowship of the Ring
AppearanceGreen leaf veined with silver

Elven brooches were given to all nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring and were used to fasten the hooded cloaks made for them by Galadriel. Each brooch was fashioned like a green leaf veined with silver.[1]


As the Fellowship prepared to depart Lórien on 16 February T.A. 3019,[2] the Galadhrim brought them cloaks with hoods that matched the size of each traveller. To keep them attached around each wearer a brooch was provided.[1]

On 26 February,[2] as the Uruk-hai were driving Merry and Pippin across the Wold, Pippin swerved to the right and ran from the Orcs. He was quickly caught but he managed to drop his Elven brooch on the ground in the faint hope that it might be found.[3]

Pippin's faint hope was answered on 27 February[2] when Aragorn discovered the hobbit's brooch. "Not idly do the leaves of Lórien fall," proclaimed Aragorn. The Three Hunters were encouraged by this find although they hoped that Pippin did not pay too dearly for his boldness.[3]

On 7 March,[2] in Henneth Annûn, Frodo displayed his Elven brooch to Faramir. Faramir agreed that it was of the same craftsmanship as the golden belt that his brother wore in his funeral boat, further confirming Frodo's story and knowledge of Boromir.[4]

The Mouth of Sauron displayed Frodo's Elven cloak and brooch to the parley group at the Morannon[5] on 25 March.[2] At the end of the parley Gandalf seized the tokens.[5]

Portrayal in adaptations

2001: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring:

In the movie, in Scene 41, the members of the Fellowship receive their Elven cloaks and brooches in Lórien.

2002: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers:

In the movie, in Scene 4, one of the Uruk-hai smells "manflesh" and the Orcs began to race across Rohan. Unlike the text, Pippin is being carried and he immediately assumes that it is Aragorn whom the Orc smelled. He rips off his brooch and spits it onto the ground. Orc feet are seen pounding the brooch into the dirt.
Later, in Scene 5, Aragorn halts his running and picks up the brooch, and speaks the line about the leaves of Lórien.