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First Age 499 (abbreviated to F.A. 499) is the 499th year of the Sun of the First Age of Middle-earth.

Notable events in this year include:

Spring[edit | edit source]

Summer[edit | edit source]

  • Túrin, with Hunthor and Dorlas, goes in search of Glaurung. Hunthor is killed by a falling rock and Dorlas is killed by Brandir for deserting Túrin.[2]
  • Túrin finds Glaurung and kills the dragon.[2]
  • With his dying words, Glaurung reveals to Níniel that she is Nienor and Túrin is her brother. She commits suicide by throwing herself off the Cabed-en-Aras into the river Taeglin. Brandir witnesses this.[3]
  • Brandir tells Túrin that his wife is also his sister. Túrin disbelieves him and kills Brandir in anger.[4]
  • Túrin learns from Mablung that Brandir spoke the truth. Túrin commits suicide by falling on his sword.[5]
  • The Haladin erect a grave to Túrin and Nienor.[3]

Later[edit | edit source]