Green Hills

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This article is about hill-range in the Shire. For the the Green Hills in Gondor, see Pinnath Gelin.
Green Hills
General Information
LocationCentral Shire
DescriptionHill-range, wooded in the eastern part
RegionsWoody End, Tookland

The Green Hills was a range of hills that ran west-to-east through the Shire, through three of the Shire's four Farthings, and gave its name to the region known as the Green Hill Country. To the west, in the Tookland, the hills were fairly open and treeless. In contrast, their eastern slopes towards Woody End were densely wooded with trees of all kinds.[1] The hills were burrowed with hobbit-holes and smials, like the Great Smials.[2]

At least three rivers and streams had their sources among the Green Hills; the River Shirebourn, the Thistle Brook and the Stock-brook. One of the chief towns of the Shire-hobbits, Tuckborough, lay among the western hills, and other villages were to be found among their slopes, or about their feet, including Tookbank, Woodhall and Pincup.[1]

On 23 September T.A. 3018[3] Frodo, Pippin, and Sam passed through the Green Hills on the start of their journey.[4] Later, in 3019, when the Ruffians were lodged in the Shire they found the deep holes of the Tooks in the Green Hills defeated their attempts to control that part of the Hobbits homeland.[2]