House of the Fountain

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House of the Fountain
Noble House
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General Information
Other namesFolk of the Fountain
People of the Fountain of the South
Fall of Gondolin
Physical Description
"Now marched these folk to a great playing of their flutes, and the crystal and silver of their array was most lovely to see amid the red light of the fires and the blackness of the ruins."
The Book of Lost Tales Part Two, "The Fall of Gondolin"

The house of the Fountain was one of the twelve houses of the Gondothlim, according to the early version of the legendarium in The Book of Lost Tales.


Their lord was Ecthelion of the Fountain, and they lived in the south part of Gondolin, near the Fountains of the South.[1]:181 They were said to find delight in silver and diamonds, and their swords were long and bright and pale. They went into battle accompanied by the sweet music of their flutes.[1]:173

During the Fall of Gondolin, they were held in reserve by Turgon, who watched the battle from his tower. After the Balrogs made a breach in the wall and other houses had been defeated in the northern gate, the enemy sped messengers informing to hold what they had won. Then a sweet music sounded amid the host of the Gondothlim, as the people of the Fountain came to battle playing their flutes, led by Ecthelion. The music ceased suddenly and the army attacked at the shout of Ecthelion.[1]:180

'Tis said that Ecthelion's folk there slew more of the goblins than fell ever in all the battles of the Eldalië with that race, and that his name is a terror among them to this latest day, and a warcry to the Eldar.

Tuor and the folk of the Wing joined the fight beside them, and they harried the Orcs so they almost reached the gate. However, some dragons opened a path from Amon Gwareth and knocked down walls and ward-towers, opening a gap on the walls of that part of the city. Then Tuor gathered bands of other houses to fight against the coming enemies, while on his right Ecthelion rallied his men. There Tuor and Ecthelion killed many Balrogs and Orc captains, but the enemy army outnumbered them, and Ecthelion was injured and they had to retreat.[1]:180-181

Tuor carried Ecthelion to the Square of the Folkwell, where the guard of the Fountain and other houses was scattered, forming a good battalion. They were led by Tuor to the Square of the King, and there they resisted with the remnants of all the other kindreds (except of the Hammer of Wrath).[1]:182 After Ecthelion died defeating Gothmog at the Fountain of the King, there is no mention of what happened with his men, who either were dispersed or joined the exiles.

Other names[edit]

Their Gnomish name was Thlim Ecthel, while in Qenya they were simply known as Kapalindar.[2]


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