House of the Wing

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House of the Wing
Noble House
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General Information
Other namesFolk of the Wing
Bodyguard of Tuor
RivalriesHouse of the Mole
MembersVoronwë, Hendor
"Like a crush of tempest the guard of the Wing were amid the men of the Mole, and these were stricken asunder."
The Book of Lost Tales Part Two, "The Fall of Gondolin"

The House of the Wing was one of the twelve houses of the Gondothlim, according to the early version of the legendarium in The Book of Lost Tales.


When he came to Gondolin, Tuor introduced himself as one of the house of the Swan of the Men of the North.[1]:160 He was accepted and loved by the Gondothlim, and lived there for many years. But when his wife Idril felt that ruin was near, she asked him to gather the most trustful men among the Gondothlim and tell them about their secret way and its issue. She would ask her father to allow Tuor to have his own folk as a proper lord.[1]:171

Thus was made the new house, which was added to the eleven houses of the Gondothlim, "and the folk of the Wing was accounted the twelfth."[1]:174 They wore wings as of swans or gulls upon their helms, and the emblem of Tuor, the White Wing, was upon their shields. Its people were the stoutest folk of Gondolin.[1]:172 Apparently this was one of the smaller houses, for those from the house of the Mole outnumbered them when they came to arms during the Fall of Gondolin.[1]:178

When the siege of the city began, the first attack of the enemy was against the northern gate, so Meglin led his folk of the Mole to Tuor's house in the south part. Tuor and his men reached the house, where Meglin was trying to kill Eärendel, but both folks crashed together. Meglin was killed by Tuor, and the folk of the Wing came to their lord against the folk of the Mole, scattering them despite being less number. Then Tuor left Voronwë and some of his men with Idril and took the rest to the battle in the north Gate.[1]:177-178

They joined the fight short after Ecthelion and his folk of the Fountain did, ranging beside their side. Their charge made the Orcs harry almost back to the fallen gate, but suddenly the walls of that part of the city were casted down by dragons from outside. Iron Dragons came in, and a creature of fire with Balrogs upon it. Tuor standed against the beast, gathering his guard and all of the Arch and the Swallow he could find. He and Ecthelion killed many Balrogs and Orc chaptains, but Ecthelion was wounded, so Tuor retreated carrying him to the Square of the Folkwell. In that Square the guard of the Wing and other houses where scattered and gathered to form a good battalion. Led by Tuor, all of them marched to the Square of the King to join the remnants of other houses.[1]:180-182

After the King ordered the Gondothlim to leave the city, Tuor and all the Gondothlim who followed him went to his house to join the exiles and escape through Idril's secret way. There Tuor found Voronwë and knew that Idril had sent ahead Eärendel with most of her guard.[1]:187 Crossing the secret tunnel and most part of Tumladin, Tuor finally saw the rest of his men, including Hendor, who carried his son Eärendel in his back. But these men around Eärendel were being chased and slain by Orcs, so Tuor shouted to them to stand, and ran to save them.[1]:190 Nothing more is told of the folk of the Wing, whose survivors had the same destiny of the exiles of Gondolin.


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