Mansions of Aulë

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The mansions of Aulë,[1] also called the halls of Aulë,[2] was the dwelling of Aulë in the midst of Valinor, land of the Valar. In these mansions Aulë laboured long while making "many beautiful and shapely works both openly and in secret", creating both the tools and the lore of the craftsmen.[1]

It is told that Fëanor and his sons often visited the halls of Aulë.[2]

Other versions[edit | edit source]

In early versions of the legendarium, Aulë's house, situated in the outskirts of Valmar near its bordering open vale, is said to have consisted of a great court, "filled with magic webs woven of the light of Laurelin and the sheen of Silpion and the glint of stars"; still other webs were woven of gold, silver, iron, and bronze. This magic web reflected the Music of the Ainur as it appeared in the mind of Ilúvatar. The court also had an area with a "pool of blue water" whereabout grew some of every tree that later grew upon the earth.[3]


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