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"Ohtar takes leave of Isildur" by Anke Eißmann
Biographical Information
PositionSquire of Isildur
BirthLate Second Age
Physical Description
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Ohtar was a kinsman[1] and the squire of Isildur.[2]


Ohtar was apparently a Dúnadan of Arnor[2] and by the first years of the Third Age he was fully trained and experienced and had attained the rank of "Soldier".[1] He served as the squire of High King Isildur[2] and was dear to him.[1]

He accompanied Isildur's retinue from Gondor to Arnor, when they were ambushed by Orcs at the north borders of the Gladden Fields[2] on 4 October[2][3][4][note 1] of T.A. 2.[5] After the first ambush Isildur gave the shards of Elendil's sword, Narsil and its sheath to Ohtar and ordered him to flee with one companion to save the shards at all cost.[2] Ohtar was one of only three survivors of the Disaster of the Gladden Fields[6] and brought the shards of Narsil safely back to Rivendell in early T.A. 3.[7]


Ohtar is a Quenya word,[8] which means "warrior".[9][10] It was the title of all fully trained and experienced soldiers who had not yet been granted the rank of roquen ("knight"). Ohtar was probably only his title and not his name and Isildur addressed him with this title at the tragic moment of handing him the shards of Narsil and the sheath to hide his feelings by using his formal title.[1]


S.A. 3209 - T.A. 2
S.A. 3299 - T.A. 2
S.A. 3339 - T.A. 2
S.A. 3379 - T.A. 2
S.A. 3430 - T.A. 249
b. S.A.

Portrayal in adaptations

Ohtar in The Lord of the Rings Online

2019: The Lord of the Rings Online:

Ohtar appears in an extended flashback depicting the the War of the Last Alliance.


  1. The attack occurred on the thirtieth day of their journey from Osgiliath from which they departed on 5 September. Every month in the Númenórean 'King's Reckoning' consisted of thirty days.