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Below is a screenplay that I, DoctorWellington, wrote. Please refrain from using it without my consent! Enjoy! Feel free to talk to me about it on my talk page if you have any suggestions or criticism!


MORGOTH, the Enemy

BOLDOG, Orc-chieftain

BARAHIR, a valiant Elf-friend

BEREN, his son

GORLIM, a man in Barahir’s group of rebels

BARAGUND, Barahir’s cousinBELEGUND, Baragund’s brother

WRAITH OF EILINEL, Gorlim’s reanimated wife

GILDOR, DAGNIR, DAIRUIN, and ARTHAD, various outlaws

GORGOL, Orc-chieftain

SAURON, Morgoth’s Maia servant

BELEG, Captain of Doriath

MABLUNG, Captain of Doriath

LÚTHIEN TINÚVIEL, daughter of Melian and Thingol

DAERON, minstrel of Thingol

THINGOL, Lord of Doriath

MELIAN, his wife

FINROD, lord of Nargothrond

CELEGORM, third son of Fëanor

CURUFIN, fifth son of Fëanor

EDRAHIL, an Elf of Nargothrond

ORODRETH, Finrod’s brother

SAEROS, friend of Daeron

HÍRILORN, an Entwife of Doriath

HUAN, Celegorm’s wolf

DRAUGLUIN, dread-hound of Sauron

ORNIL, guard of Nargothrond

CELEBRIMBOR, son of Curufin

THURINGWETHIL, evil bat of Sauron

THORONDOR, Lord of the Eagles

CARCHAROTH, evil hound of Morgoth

ANNAEL, Sinda of Doriath

YOUNG DIOR, son of Beren and Lúthien


[MORGOTH is sitting on his dark throne in Angband wearing his Iron Crown. He emits darkness. Enter BOLDOG]

MORGOTH: Why do you come before me? Speak, Boldog.

BOLDOG: My Lord, a small group of defenders led by a man of the house of Bëor have escaped our forces in Dorthonion and fled.

MORGOTH [fingering a Silmaril?]: So Lord Barahir thinks he can test the might of Angband with his petty troupe? They will soon learn their lesson, as I taught Fingolfin: never displease a Vala.

BOLDOG: What is our next move, my Lord?

MORGOTH: Find these rebellious men… and destroy them. This is your task!

BOLDOG: And what of their leader?

MORGOTH: Their leader?

BOLDOG: He is said to wear a strange ring on his hand, with the shape of two serpents with emerald eyes, bearing a crown of golden flowers. One upholds and the other devours…

MORGOTH: That is the emblem of the House of Finarfin. This ring you speak of was fashioned in Valinor and borne by the Elf-lord Finrod. This is grave information you share, Boldog. Nevertheless it shall soon be dealt with. Take your best soldiers and head to Dorthonion -- that is where the outlaws must be.

[BOLDOG bows and exits]


[BARAHIR, BEREN, GORLIM, and ten others enter cave, running, gasping for breath]

BARAHIR: We will stay here for a while, if we can stay hidden.

[GORLIM steps out]

BARAHIR: Gorlim. Are they near?

GORLIM: I can’t see them.

BARAGUND: Maybe we lost them.

BELEGUND: Hopefully we lost them.

BARAHIR: Good. Perhaps we will find rest here.

BELEGUND: Barahir, when shall we return to Dor-lomin?

BARAHIR: When there is time, Belegund. But for now, we must remain.

[BARAHIR prepares the camp with several other outlaws. BEREN, BARAGUND, BELEGUND, and GORLIM build a fire]

BARAGUND: We must stay in Dorthonion until all the Orcs are defeated, it seems.

BEREN: We must remain faithful to my father Barahir.


BELEGUND: Only by him can our wives and children be kept safe.

[BARAGUND looks into the fire]

BARAGUND: My daughter Morwen is still young. It hurts me to be far from her.

GORLIM: And my wife Eilinel. I lost her in the Bragollach, and I fear she may have been killed.

[BELEGUND puts his arm on GORLIM’s shoulder. BARAHIR crosses the cave to the fire]

GORLIM: Lord Barahir, what of the Enemy? What if they find us?

BARAHIR: Boldog’s marauders do not know we are here, Gorlim. We are safe for now.

GORLIM: But we are being hunted. Perhaps if we sent a group out to scout out the Enemy’s plans?

BARAGUND: We could be one step ahead of them.

BARAHIR: It’s too dangerous. I can’t risk losing any members of our outlaws.

GORLIM: Perhaps its too risky to stay hemmed up in one place.

BEREN: I will go, father![BARAHIR looks astonished]

BARAHIR: Beren, you are too young --

BEREN: Trust me, father, I am old enough now. I can go scout out the enemy’s plans for you.

BARAHIR [sighing]: Very well, Beren, but I cannot trust this task to you alone. Gorlim, will you accompany my son?

GORLIM: Certainly, my Lord. No harm will come to Beren while he is with me.

BARAHIR: Very well. Leave at dusk, so you won’t be seen.

[GORLIM goes to prepare supplies]

BARAHIR: Beren -- be safe my son.

[BARAHIR places his hand on BEREN’s shoulder, and we see for the first time the Ring of Barahir on his finger. At dusk, BEREN meets GORLIM at the entrance to the cave]

GORLIM: Are you ready, Beren?

BEREN: Yes, Gorlim.

GORLIM: Then let us depart.

[They walk out through the night. After a few scenes of them walking, they come upon an abandoned cabin in the woods]

GORLIM: Look, Beren. There is my house, from before the Bragollach. There is a village nearby.

[As they approach the cabin, WRAITH OF EILINEL appears to GORLIM only. GORLIM stops. BEREN stops, noticing, and looking at where GORLIM is looking]

GORLIM: Eilinel…

BEREN: Gorlim?

[GORLIM begins to walk toward WRAITH OF EILINEL]

GORLIM: A! fair and gentle Eilinel, whom I had thought in darkling hell long since imprisoned! Ere I fled I deemed I saw thee slain and dead upon that night of sudden fear when all I lost that I held dear.

WRAITH OF EILINEL: You have forsaken me, Gorlim.

[BEREN sees nothing]

BEREN: Gorlim?

[WRAITH OF EILINEL begins to walk away]

GORLIM: Eilinel!

[He runs off into the woods and searches for her]

BEREN: Gorlim, where are you going?

[He chases GORLIM from a distance]

GORLIM: Eilinel, Eilinel!

[GORLIM’s cries fade away. BEREN is alone in the woods. Cut to GORLIM. His craze has passed now, and he realizes what he has done]

GORLIM: It must have been a vision. Where are you, Eilinel?

[We see him through nearby shrubbery. He looks round suddenly, but sees nothing. Cut to his face and shoulders. Hands are abruptly laid on him]


BOLDOG [beating GORLIM]: Where is Barahir? What is he doing?

[GORLIM does not respond]

BOLDOG: If you yield, you will be released and restored to Eilinel.

[He does not answer]

GORGOL [mocking]: Your poor, dear wife--

GORLIM: --Fine! Fine. I will tell you where he is if I can see Eilinel again.

BOLDOG: No, no, don’t tell me. Tell him.

[He points upwards, we see SAURON standing over them]

SAURON: I hear now that thou wouldst barter with me. What is thy price?

GORLIM: That I should find Eilinel again, and with her be set free.

SAURON [smiling]: That is a small price for so great a treachery. So shall it surely be. Say on!

GORLIM [pausing]: H-he’s in a T-Tarn Aeluin.

SAURON [laughing]: Eilinel the fair thou shalt most surely find and there where she doth dwell and wait for thee. Together ye shall ever be, and sundered shall ye sigh no more. Thus guerdon shall he have that bore these tidings sweet, O traitor dear! For Eilinel she dwells not here, but in the shades of death doth roam widowed of husband and of home - a wraith of that which might have been, methinks, it is that thou hast seen! Now shalt thou through the gates of pain the land thou askst grimly gain; thou shalt to the moonless mists of hell descend and seek thy Eilinel.

[He pulls out a knife and the screen goes black. GORLIM shrieks. Immediately cut to BARAHIR and his Outlaws. The sun is still not up]


[BARAHIR and eight other outlaws are at the camp]

BARAHIR: Beren and Gorlim should be back by now. My heart worries for them.

GILDOR: They will return as they can. Gorlim will make sure Beren is safe.

DAGNIR: And that Beren has grown into a great fighter himself.

DAIRUIN: Aye, he is quite good with a sword. You’ve taught him well, Barahir. I know he can defend himself in need.

BARAHIR: Nevertheless, Dairuin, my heart ever turns to doubt when I think of him out there among Boldog’s troop.

[He looks at his ring. Suddenly there is a noise nearby the cave. Several outlaws stand abruptly and grab their weapons. BELEGUND enters the cave, out of breath]

ARTHAD: Who goes there?

BELEGUND: It is I, Belegund.

GILDOR: Is it my turn to watch already?

BELEGUND: Not yet, Gildor. But Baragund and I were shot at by Orc-arrows in the dark. I fear we may be found.

[Commotion. The Outlaws scramble up and grope for weapons in the dark]

ARTHAD: Put out the fire!

[DAGNIR and another outlaw put out the fire hastily. The outlaws crowd quietly in the back of the cave, waiting expectantly. BARAHIR and DAIRUIN face the others, with their back to the cave entrance. DAIRUIN silently turns his head to look at the entrance, but an arrow comes out of nowhere and hits him in the head. He yells and falls to the ground. At the yell, cut to BEREN. He starts and wakes, having been sleeping in a clearing]

BEREN: Father!

[He runs to the cave. All of the outlaws are dead. BEREN finds his father’s body]

BEREN: I will avenge you for this treachery, father. Curse you, Morgoth!

[Stooping low, he listens to the ground for a few seconds. Then he runs off. He builds a cairn around BARAHIR’s body. Cut to BOLDOG’s troop at Rivil’s Well]

GORGOL: This ring in far Beleriand, now mark ye, mates, was wrought. Its like with gold could not be bought, for this same Barahir I slew, this robber fool, they say, did a deed of service long ago for Felagund. It may be so; for Morgoth bade us bring it back, and yet, methinks he has no lack of weightier treasure in his hoard. Such greed befits not such a lord, and I am minded to declare the hand of Barahir was bare!

[He holds up the hand of BARAHIR. The ring is on it. BEREN strikes from behind the boulder and kills GORGOL, taking the hand and ring]

BOLDOG: Gorgol!

[BEREN runs off into woods]

BOLDOG: Shoot him!

[The Orcs shoot for him but their arrows fly wild]

BOLDOG: After him! I want that ring!

[The Orcs run after BEREN towards Doriath]

BEREN: Doriath, Land of King Thingol and Lady Melian! It is said there is no safer place in all of Beleriand.

[He begins to run toward the woods. He runs inside the woods. Not far behind, BOLDOG and his troupe come to the edge]

BOLDOG: He is going into Doriath! Now, lads, listen here! It is said that an evil Elf-king lives there, and none shall enter without his permission. This last survivor will be killed before long. Nevertheless I dare not enter.

[BELEG and other Elves shoot at BOLDOG from the trees]

BOLDOG: Take cover! Their arrows will not piece Orc-skin!


[BELEG, sitting in a tree, watches the Orcs from afar, but he doesn’t see BEREN. Cut to inside wood. He is staggering along, very weak. He looks ahead and is amazed. Far ahead dances LÚTHIEN]

BEREN: Tinúviel, Tinúviel!

[She vanishes from sight. He dashes forward to find her but is unable. Finally, he is within sight of her]

BEREN: Tinúviel!

[She pauses, astonished. He comes to her and holds her. Her gaze turns from astonishment to love, but she slips out of his arms and disappears. BEREN faints and falls to the ground. LÚTHIEN comes to BEREN and puts her hand in his. He awakes and they share a smile]

Note: This scene will be longer and more fleshed-out in the future.


[Nearby DAERON sneaks and sees LÚTHIEN with BEREN. Then DAERON returns to Menegroth and speaks before THINGOL, who is sitting on a throne next to MELIAN]

DAERON: My Lord Thingol, I have seen your daughter Lúthien associating with a Man in your Kingdom.


DAERON: Indeed. I have seen them in that way.

THINGOL: Thank you, Daeron. Bring them here.

[Later--LÚTHIEN walks in with BEREN]

THINGOL: Who are you, that come hither as a thief, and unbidden dare to approach my throne?

LÚTHIEN [after BEREN says nothing]: He is Beren son of Barahir, lord of Men, mighty foe of Morgoth, the tale of whose deeds is become a song even among the Elves.

THINGOL: Let Beren speak! What would you here, unhappy mortal, and for what cause have you left your own land to enter this, which is forbidden to such as you? Can you show reason why my power should not be laid on you in heavy punishment for you insolence and folly?

BEREN [looking from LÚTHEIN to MELIAN]: My fate, O King, led me hither, through perils such as few even of the Elves would dare. And here I have found what I sought not indeed, but finding I would possess for ever. For it is above all gold and silver, and beyond all jewels. Neither rock, nor steel, nor the fires of Morgoth, nor all the powers of the Elf-kingdoms, shall keep from me the treasure that I desire. For Lúthien your daughter is the fairest of all the Children of the World.

THINGOL [after pausing, darkly]: Death you have earned with these words; and death you should find suddenly, had I not sworn an oath in haste; of which I repent, baseborn mortal, who in the realm of Morgoth has learnt to creep in secret as his spies and thralls.

BEREN: Death you can give me earned or unearned; but the names I will not take from you of baseborn, nor spy, nor thrall. By the ring of Felagund, that he gave to Barahir my father on the battle field of the North, my house has not earned such names from any Elf, be he king or no.

[Silence as he holds aloft the very ring]

MELIAN [whispering to THINGOL]: Forgo your wrath, my King. For not by you shall Beren be slain, and far and free does his fate lead him in the end, yet it is wound with yours. Take heed!

THINGOL [to BEREN]: I see the ring, son of Barahir, and I perceive that you are proud, and deem yourself mighty. But a father's deeds, even had his service been rendered to me, avail not to win the the daughter of Thingol and Melian. See now! I too desire a treasure that is withheld. For rock and steel and the fires of Morgoth keep the jewel that I would possess against all the powers of the Elf-kingdoms. Yet I hear you say that bonds such as these do not daunt you. Go your way therefore! Bring to me in your hand a Silmaril from Morgoth's crown; and then, if she will, Lúthien may set her hand in yours. Then you shall have my jewel; and though the fate of Arda lie within the Silmarils, yet you shall hold me generous.

BEREN [laughing]: For little price do Elven-kings sell their daughters: for gems, and things made by craft. But if this be your will, Thingol, I will perform it. And when we meet again my hand shall hold a Silmaril from the Iron Crown; for you have not looked the last upon Beren son of Barahir.

[He bows]

BEREN: Farewell, Lúthien.

[He departs]

MELIAN: O King, you have devised cunning counsel. But if my eyes have not lost their sight, it is ill for you, whether Beren fail in his errand, or achieve it. For you have doom either your daughter, or yourself. And now is Doriath drawn within the fate of a mightier realm.

THINGOL: I sell not to Elves or Men those whom I love and cherish above all treasure. And if there were hope or fear that Beren should come ever back alive to Menegroth, he should not have looked again upon the light of heaven, though I had sworn it.

[MELIAN turns away as LÚTHIEN looks concerned]


[BEREN walks in the dusk light; the forest of Doriath is far behind him now. We see from hiding behind a rock on a nearby hill and ELF or two. The ELF pulls his bow]

BEREN [hearing the bow drawn]: I am Beren son of Barahir, friend of Felagund. Take me to the King.

[He holds aloft his ring. ELVES come from all sides with bows around shoulders]

ORNIL: Here comes no wandering Orc or spy, but Beren son of Barahir who once to Felagund was dear.

[Some bow their heads. They take him to cross a stream and come to the gates of Nargothrond, and to chamber where he is brought before FINROD]

BEREN [kneeling and bowing his head]: My Lord, I come with tidings.

FINROD: I will hear them.BEREN: I am Beren son of Barahir. Barahir has been slain. He was with me when we defended Dorthonion. By some chance, lucky or unlucky, I was away when he and our...ten companions were ambushed by Orcs of Morgoth. He was killed, but I escaped and came into Doriath, kingdom of Thingol.

[FINROD looks astonished]

BEREN: I met his daughter Lúthien, and I asked of Thingol her hand in marriage. He told me I could have her if I could take a Silmaril from the Iron Crown of Morgoth and bring it to him.

FINROD: It is plain that Thingol desires your death; but it seems that this doom goes beyond his purpose, and that the Oath of Fëanor is again at work. For the Silmarils are cursed with an oath of hatred, and he that even names them in desire moves a great power from slumber; and the sons of Fëanor would lay all the Elf-kingdoms in ruin rather than suffer any other than themselves to win or possess a Silmaril, for the Oath drives them. And now Celegorm and Curufin are dwelling in my halls; and though I, Finarfin's son, am King, they have won a strong power in the realm, and lead many of their own people. They have shown friendship to me in every need, but I fear that they will show neither love nor mercy to you, if your quest be told. Yet my own oath holds; and thus we are all ensnared.

[He goes out to a crowded square and speaks to them]

FINROD [to the audience]: Recall, ye people, Barahir lord of the house of Bëor. His son is resting here on a quest for a Silmaril of the Iron Crown of Mor--

CELEGORM [drawing his sword and holding it high]: Be he friend or foe, whether demon of Morgoth, of Elf, or child of Men, or any other living thing in Arda, neither law, nor love, nor league of hell, nor might of the Valar, nor any power of wizardry, shall defend him from the pursuing hate of Fëanor's sons, if he take or find a Silmaril and keep it. For the Silmarils we alone claim, until the world ends.

CURUFIN: If this son of Barahir attempts to take the Silmarils, none shall stay the wrath of Curufin and Celegorm, sons of Fëanor! We will send Nargothrond up in smoke and raze it to the ground! Finarfin’s son is no Vala to command us!

[FINROD looks shaken]

FINROD [throwing to the ground his silver crown]: Your oaths of faith to me you may break, but I must hold my bond. Yet if there be any on whom the shadow of curse has not yet fallen, I should find at least a few to follow me, and should not go hence as a beggar that is thrust from the gates.

[Ten elves, including EDRAHIL, climb stairs from the square and stand by FINROD]

EDRAHIL: Give the crown to a steward, my Lord, until your return. For you remain my king, and theirs, whatever betide.

FINROD: Orodreth, nephew. Take this crown and be my steward. Rule Nargothrond until my return.

ORODRETH: Yes, my Lord.

[He takes crown and enters hall as BEREN exits. CELEGORM and CURUFIN smile and exit]


[FINROD, BEREN, EDRAHIL, and nine others come near to camp and hide. Silently they kill them one by one]

FINROD [quietly]: We are entering the land of Sauron. We must need disguises. I will give us all the likenesses of these Orcs.

[We see first EDRAHIL, then BEREN, then the other nine turn into Orcs slowly. When we see FINROD again he is an Orc]

Note: This scene is short because it doesn't really fit with either seven or nine.


[FINROD’s pack of twelve pass by SAURON’s tower without checking in with SAURON]

SAURON [to a wolf]: Go! fetch me those sneaking Orcs that fare thus strangely, as if in dread, and do not come, as all Orcs use and are commanded, to bring me news of all their deeds, to me, to Sauron.

[They are brought to him]

SAURON: Where have ye been? What have ye seen?

FINROD: We have been in the Elven lands; and we have seen tears and distress, the fire blowing and the blood flowing, these have we seen, there have we been. We slew thirty and threw their bodies in a dark pit. The ravens sit and the owl cries where our swath lies.

SAURON: Come, tell me, O Morgoth’s thralls, what then befalls in Elvendom? What of Nargothrond? Who reigns there? Did you dare into that realm?

BEREN: We dared only enter its borders. There reigns King Felagund the fair.

SAURON: Then heard ye not that he is gone, that Celegorm sits upon his throne?

EDRAHIL [hotly]: That is not true! If he is gone, then Orodreth sits upon his throne.

SAURON: Sharp are your ears, and swift have they got tidings of realms ye entered not! What are your names, bold spearmen? Ye have not told who is your captain.

BEREN: Nereb and Dungalef and warriors ten, so we are called, and dark is our den under the mountains. Over the waste we march on an errand of need and haste. Boldog the captain awaits us there where fires from under smoke and flare.

SAURON: Boldog, I heard, was lately slain warring on the borders of that domain where Robber Thingol and outlaw folk cringe and crawl beneath elm and oak in drear Doriath. Heard ye not then of that pretty fay, of Lúthien? Her body is fair, very white and fair.

[BEREN frowns]

SAURON: Boldog he sent, and Boldog was slain: strange ye were not in Boldog’s train. Nereb looks fierce, his frown is grim. Little Lúthien! What troubles him? Why laughs he not to think of his lord crushing a maiden in his hoard, that foul should be what once was clean, that dark should be where light has been?

[He recites a poem]

SAURON: Whom do ye serve, Light or Mirk? Who is the maker of mightiest work? Who is the king of earthly kings, the greatest river of gold and rings? Who is the master of the wide earth? Who despoiled them of their mirth, the greedy Valar! Repeat your vows, Orcs of Bauglir! Do not bend your brows! Death to light, to law, to love! Cursed be moon and stars above! May darkness everlasting old that waits outside in surges cold drown Manwë, Varda, and the sun! May all in hatred be begun and all in evil ended be, in the moaning of the endless Sea!

BEREN [muttering]: Who is Sauron to hinder work that is to do? We serve him not, nor to him owe obeisance, and we would now go.

SAURON: Patience! Not very long shall ye abide. But first a song I will sing to you, to ears intent.

[He sings a song, and FINROD sings in return, but their disguises are lost]

SAURON: Imposters! I will take you and throw you in my deepest dungeons!

[We see the twelve cast into a pit]

SAURON [VO]: There you will be devoured by my wolves, one by one.

[Two wolves enter the pit. There is much screaming and blood spurting]


[LÚTHIEN in standing in a river, waist-high in water. Suddenly she feels a shock and turns north. Then she gets up and runs off. Cut to Menegroth; THINGOL is absent, but MELIAN is at her throne. MABLUNG walks by]

LÚTHIEN [running]: Mother! I fear for Beren. A dark shadow of fear lies upon my heart. Do you have news of him? Please, tell me where he is!

MELIAN: Beren lies in the dungeons of Tol-in-Gaurhoth.

LÚTHIEN: Tol-in-Gaurhoth! Sauron’s Isle!

[She runs out. Cut to BEREN, watching one more companion die. He glances at Finrod, who is unconscious, and tied to the wall next to BEREN and then we cut back to LÚTHIEN’s face. She runs out. She comes through the forest to DAERON, who is singing with SAEROS and other musicians. They stop playing when she runs to them]

LÚTHIEN [breathless]: Daeron!

[The musicians stop]

DAERON: Lúthien?

[She looks warily at the other musicians. DAERON gets up hastily and leads her through the woods to another spot]

SAEROS: Daeron!

DAERON: I will return, Saeros! [to LUTHIEN] What’s wrong?

LÚTHIEN: My mother Melian perceives that Beren is in great danger. I feel it, too. I wish to fly from here to Tol-in-Gaurhoth!

DAERON: Why do you come to me for aid, Lúthien?

LÚTHIEN: Because I trust you, Daeron. Will you help me?

DAERON: Let me depart from this place, and think about it. We must have patience, Lúthien.

[He exits. Cut to BEREN watching as one more companion is devoured. EDRAHIL looks worried. Cut back to DAERON. We see him enter MENEGROTH, where THINGOL is with MELIAN]

THINGOL: What troubles you, Daeron, my minstrel?

DAERON: Your daughter Lúthien has told me that she wishes to leave your kingdom to help Beren, my Lord and King.

THINGOL: Keep her here, for a little while, Daeron, and restrain her. Bring her to the Forest of Neldoreth.

DAERON: Yes, my Lord.

[He exits]

THINGOL: Guards. Go to Hirilorn in the Forest of Neldoreth, not far from here. There build a house that Lúthien will not be able to escape within the three trunks. Keep some of your men there at all times.

[Cut to another companion of BEREN and FINROD being devoured, right near to EDRAHIL. Cut back to the forest of Neldoreth. LÚTHIEN hears GUARDS and DAERON approaching through the woods. She runs away and hides]

GUARD #1: Is this the spot?

DAERON: This is where I last saw her.

GUARD #2: Where is she?

GUARD #3: Call for her.

DAERON: Lúthien! Lúthien!

[They continue searching the place. GUARD #1 comes near her and she is forced to run away. GUARDS and DAERON pursue]

DAERON: Lúthien, stop!

[GUARDS catch up to her and restrain her]

LÚTHIEN: Daeron, why are you doing this?

DAERON: Because I love you. [to GUARD #1] Take her to Hírilorn.

GUARD #1: Yes, sir.

LÚTHIEN [distressed, pulled away by the guards]: Daeron!

[DAERON turns sadly and leaves. GUARD #1 and GUARD #2 pull LÚTHIEN away. Others follow. As they approach HIRILORN, LÚTHIEN breaks away and runs into the woods. GUARDS follow her but cannot find her. Cut to Tol Sirion: another companion is devoured, this time right next to EDRAHIL. Cut back to LÚTHIEN. Her hair is growing to an extraordinary length. She quickly cuts it back to her normal length and bathes some in a nearby stream. GUARD #1 finds her and brings her back to the troop]

GUARD #3: No more running away like that, little Lúthien!

[He laughs and places her in the three trunks of HIRILORN, a great Huorn. GUARD #2 and GUARD #3 stay seated at the base of the tree while the rest of the troop exit. After a few seconds, she climbs to a part in the trunks and looks down to see the two chatting. She climbs back down and starts weaving her hair frantically into a cloak. She doesn’t use all of it, and the rest she ties into a long braid. She then climbs back up and hangs the braid down. It is smoking with a magical perfume from the water, and causes the two guards to fall asleep. She climbs down and races off into the forest]

Note: This scene is a mess. It needs some cleaning up and fewer cuts from Lúthien to Beren.


[CELEGORM and CURUFIN are riding along the plains. CURUFIN has a deer slung on his shoulder. HUAN the wolf is running alongside them. Then we see a fire. CELEGORM and CURUFIN are sleeping nearby, but HUAN is keeping watch with his head resting. He raises his head and looks about, seeing LÚTHIEN. He barks and she turns to come to their camp as CELEGORM and CURUFIN awake]

CELEGORM: Who goes there!

LÚTHIEN: I might ask that myself. What might two elves be doing out here on the Guarded Plain?

[CELEGORM goes silent with his mouth hanging open seeing her beauty]

CURUFIN: We are Curufin and Celegorm, Princes of the Noldor and foes of Morgoth.

LÚTHIEN: Glad am I indeed to meet two fair Princes of the Noldor! For I am Lúthien of Doriath, but this is the first time I have parted with that forest.

CELEGORM: Fair Elf-maiden, I promise you will find help and need if you return with us to the land of Nargothrond.

LÚTHIEN: Gladly I accept. Long have I wished to look upon the gates of Nargothrond.

CELEGORM: That is good.

[We see HUAN running beside the riders, LÚTHIEN holding the back of CELEGORM, while CURUFIN rides beside. Cut to a wolf devouring EDRAHIL, and another one looking hungrily at BEREN, hardly restrained by his Orc-guards. BEREN and the wolf link eyes. Cut back to CELEGORM and CURUFIN. They return to Nargothrond and we see LÚTHIEN being thrown into a cell]

CELEGORM: Too much tidings have I heard of meddling Lúthien daughter of Thingol! Never again will you see the light of day!

[He leaves the door locked]

LÚTHIEN [throwing herself against it]: No! No! Let me out!

[She sits in the middle of her cell]

LUTHIEN: Beren, my love! My father Thingol! Oh Elbereth Gilthoniel! Mandos and Vaire! Help me!

[The door opens, but no head is seen at head level. Pan down to see HUAN holding the cloak of hair]

LUTHIEN: True is the heart of Huan, hound of Nargothrond! This is a powerful act. But what shall I do if I can not escape?

HUAN: Come with me. You must follow close if you wish to escape.

[We see them leave, then they hide in sight of guards, then we see them in the light of day, cloaked Elf and wolf, hidden from eyes. Finally we see LÚTHIEN riding HUAN across a plain]


[BEREN and FINROD are the only two remaining; a wolf enters, coming for BEREN. FINROD comes to]

FINROD: Noooo!

[He bursts his bonds and begins to wrestle with the wolf. The wolf falls dead but FINROD falls on his back with many scratches and bruises]

FINROD [weakly]: Beren! I go now to my long rest in the timeless halls beyond the seas and the Mountains of Aman. It will be long ere I am seen among the Noldor again; and it may be that we shall not meet a second time in death or life, for the fates of our kindreds are apart. Farewell!

[BEREN weeps beside him. LÚTHIEN comes running to the edge of the pit. HUAN runs down to BEREN. LÚTHIEN’s hair is blowing in the wind and shining in the moonlight. She begins to sing. In response, BEREN begins to sing with her of the Seven Stars, but falls on the floor unconscious next to FINROD. SAURON in a nearby tower hears her and sneers. A wolf comes out of the tower and runs toward LÚTHIEN, but HUAN runs up to the top of the pit and slays it. Another one comes as LÚTHIEN begins to descend to BEREN, but it is slain even quicker. Finally, DRAUGLUIN the dread-hound of MORGOTH comes out and begins to battle with HUAN. HUAN leaves DRAUGLUIN mortally wounded. DRAUGLUIN returns to SAURON]

DRAUGLUIN: Huan is there…

[He dies at SAURON’s feet. SAURON morphs into a werewolf and approaches HUAN. BEREN wakes, HUAN springs aside in terror, and SAURON jumps into the pit toward LÚTHIEN; she faints into BEREN’s arms, but her cloak swishes against SAURON’s muzzle -- releasing a small amount of the smoke -- and he begins to act drowsy. HUAN springs forward and takes down the wolf-form. LÚTHIEN comes to. The spirit of SAURON flies from the wolf at the last moment]

LÚTHIEN: Go, go back to your master in Angband. There everlastingly thy naked self shall endure the torment of his scorn, pierced by his eyes, unless thou yield to me the mastery of thy tower.

[SAURON takes the form of a vampire (bat) and flies off. LÚTHIEN turns to BEREN]

LÚTHIEN: Oh, Beren, Beren!

[She, in turn, holds him as he faints, and they fall into a deep slumber, together, in the filthy, bloody pit]

Mid-movie intermission-------

[It is sunlight now and BEREN wakes, lifting LÚTHIEN. She wakes and their eyes meet for a while. We see them finishing a mound for FINROD]

BEREN: Never again will Finrod Felagund set foot in Middle-earth.

LÚTHIEN: Yet he walks with his father Finarfin his father beneath the trees of Eldamar in Aman.

[HUAN comes to them]

LÚTHIEN: Go back to your master, O Huan. You have been of great service here! But your Celegorm wishes you to return.

[HUAN turns and runs off]


[A few elves, led by ORNIL and HUAN come to the gate. CELEBRIMBOR is there to meet them]

CELEBRIMBOR: What is your business before the Gates of Nargothrond?

ORNIL: We are refugees from the captivity of Sauron, liberated and returning.

CELEBRIMBOR: That is well! But…you have come in a time of uproar.

[He leads them to the square. A mob of Elves are there, and CELEGORM and CURUFIN are on the podium]

CELEBRIMBOR [to the crowd]: We lament the death of Finrod our king!

ORNIL: Yes, I heard of his death as well. He fell at the hands of Sauron’s wolves, in a muddy pit of Tol Sirion.

[He walks up to the podium]

ORNIL [to the crowd]: Ye people of Nargothrond! Hear me now! Now is the Isle of Tol Sirion liberated from Sauron's evil, and he has fled to Taur-nu-Fuin! Indeed, a maiden it was who marched into that land and freed us all! Do you follow Curufin, and his brother Celegorm? These cowardly sons of Fëanor would not do what a maiden herself could!


ORNIL: We will have Orodreth!

ELVES: Orodreth King of Nargothrond!

[ORODRETH steps up to podium]

ORODRETH: Humbly do I accept the responsibility of Kingship.

[He puts on the crown]

ORODRETH: For Finrod!

ELVES: For Finrod!

ELF: Kill Celegorm and Curufin, cowardly sons of Fëanor!

ORODRETH: No! I will not suffer my people to be Kin-slayers again! Yet neither bread nor rest will I give them within this realm. I swear that there shall be little love between Nargothrond and the sons of Fëanor hereafter!

CELEGORM: Let it be so!

[He takes up a horse and so does CURUFIN]

CELEGROM: Huan, come here.

[HUAN whines but obeys]

CELEGORM: Celebrimbor, nephew. Come with me!

CELEBRIMBOR: No, uncle! I stay with my people.

[CELEGORM turns angrily and rides off, the crowds parting as he rides, with HUAN and CURUFIN following. We see them riding along a plain]

CELEGORM: We make for Himring, to meet with Maedhros our brother.

Note: This scene is off-book and only exists to further the story by giving Orodreth the crown, expelling Celegorm and Curufin from Nargothrond, and introducing Celebrimbor.


[LÚTHIEN and BEREN walk along to the borders]

LÚTHIEN: You must choose, Beren, between these two: to relinquish the quest and your oath and seek a life of wandering upon the face of the earth; or to hold to your word and challenge the power of darkness upon its throne. But on either road I shall go with you, and our doom shall be alike.

BEREN: Lúthien.

[He stops]

BEREN: Look! There are two riders! And Huan the Wolf, too.

LÚTHIEN: It is Celegorm and Curufin!

[CELEGORM and CURUFIN ride toward them. CELEGORM makes to run BEREN over. CURUFIN swerves and picks up LÚTHIEN, dragging her into a sitting position in front of him. BEREN springs out of CELEGORM’s way and into CURUFIN’s horse. The three fall, BEREN throttling CURUFIN. CELEGORM turns on BEREN with his spear. HUAN springs in front of him and the horse moves not an inch further]

CELEGORM: Curse the cowardly heart of my horse! And a curse upon Huan! traitor among hounds!

[While CELEGORM is stalled, BEREN nearly kills CURUFIN]

LÚTHIEN: Nay, Beren, do not slay Curufin!

BEREN: Let it be so!

[He takes CURUFIN’s knife and helm. Then he flings CURUFIN from him]

BEREN: Go back to your noble kinsfolk. They might teach you to use your valor to worthier use! Your horse I keep for the service of Lúthien, and it may be accounted happy to be free of such a master.

CURUFIN: Curse meddling Beren under cloud and sky! Go hence unto a swift and bitter death!

[He gets behind CELEGORM on his horse as BEREN turns away. He takes CELEGORM’s bow and shoots a parting shot at LÚTHIEN. Huan catches it in his jaws. He shoots another at her. BEREN springs in front of her and it strikes him in the chest. HUAN pursues the brothers but returns with an herb out of the forest. LÚTHIEN staunches BEREN’s wound with it and BEREN wakes up. They meet eyes but BEREN closes his after a time and falls asleep. LÚTHIEN does so also. At some point during the night, BEREN departs on CURUFIN’s horse, looking back at LÚTHIEN all the while. He sees the hills of Thangorodrim in the distance]

BEREN [singing]: Farewell sweet earth and northern sky, forever blest, since here did lie and here with lissom limbs did run beneath the Moon, beneath the Sun, Lúthien Tinúviel more fair than mortal tongue can tell. Though all to ruin fell the world and were dissolved and backward hurledunmade into the old abyss, yet were its making good, for this- the dusk, the dawn, the earth, the sea- that Lúthien for a time should be.

[LÚTHIEN awaking far away sings in reply]


[She goes to HUAN and finds him ready to be her steed. As they ride, HUAN takes the form of DRAUGLUIN, and LÚTHIEN jumps off him, turning her body into that of the bat THURINGWETHIL. They come near BEREN: LÚTHIEN flies close over his head and he ducks in fear. Flying past she takes human form and runs into his arms]

BEREN: Thrice now I curse my oath to Thingol, and I would that he had slain me in Menegroth, rather than I should bring you under the shadow of Morgoth.

[HUAN throws away the disguise and speaks to BEREN]

HUAN: From the shadow of death you can no longer save Lúthien, for by her love she is now subject to it. You can turn from your fate and lead her into exile, seeking peace in vain while your life lasts. But if you will not deny your doom, then either Lúthien, being forsaken, must assuredly die alone, or she must with you challenge the fate that lies before you--hopeless, yet not certain. Further counsel I cannot give, nor may I go further on your road. But my heart forebodes that what you find at the Gate I shall myself see. All else is dark to me; yet it may be that our three paths lead back to Doriath, and we may meet before the end.

[LÚTHIEN uses magic to turn herself into THURINGWETHIL and Beren into DRAUGLUIN and they depart for Angband]


[BEREN and LÚTHIEN come to the gates in their disguises; there is also CARCHAROTH standing there; as he sniffs they exchange a look of horror; they attempt to go past but he blocks their way. LÚTHIEN casts away her disguise and is as a light in the darkness, pale and ghostly. She reaches her hand to CARCHAROTH and he falls asleep immediately]

LÚTHIEN: O woe-begotten spirit, fall now into dark oblivion, and forget for a while the dreadful doom of life.

[She steps by, leading him; they turn down a long, long spiral staircase; as they turn toward us again LÚTHIEN takes up her disguise again. Finally they reach the nethermost hall; it is lit with torches and MORGOTH is sitting on his throne with a crown on. He stares both of them down. BEREN slinks to his feet; LÚTHIEN’s disguise is ripped away and she stands proud against him, her light against his surrounding darkness]

MORGOTH: Who might this be?

LÚTHIEN: I am Lúthien...daughter of King Thingol.

[She looks at BEREN, then back to MORGOTH]

LÚTHIEN: And I offer you my service.

MORGOTH: A fine the daughter of Thingol offers me her service?…[to LÚTHIEN] Sing.

[She looks nervously at BEREN, then begins to sing and twirl around dancing. MORGOTH watches her and listens, but after seeing his face we see that LÚTHIEN is gone and the nearby echoes of her song are still heard, higher and louder and shriller than ever. BEREN &c. fall asleep; the Silmarils on MORGOTH’s crown shine bright in the darkness; LÚTHIEN springs on him with her cloak and he slides from the throne, fast asleep. The Crown is sent rolling. LÚTHIEN comes to sleeping BEREN and wakes him in human form. He takes out CURUFIN’s knife and cuts a Silmaril from the crown. He closes his hand on it and its radiance shines through his flesh. After pausing for a while, he takes the knife to the crown again; the knife shatters and the other Silmarils remain on the crown. BEREN and LÚTHIEN flee up the stairs; when they come to the gate CARCHAROTH is standing there blocking their passage again]

BEREN: Get you gone, and fly! for here is a fire that shall consume you, and all evil things.

[For a few moments CARCHAROTH gazes in wonder at the Silmaril in BEREN’s hand; then he bites it and the hand holding it clean off. He runs howling into the wild as BEREN screams in pain]


[He faints. LÚTHIEN catches him, and with her last strength carries him, running from the Orc-arrows sent at her from behind. Orcs chase her into the Anfauglith. Three eagles, led by THORONDOR, come and pick him up; as LÚTHIEN watches him fly away they pick her up also. They fly above the earth and LÚTHIEN sees many lands. They fly above Gondolin and she sees it in awe. Laying them on the peak of a mountain the eagles leave them, and LÚTHIEN works against BEREN’s wound. After a while she goes to the edge of the forest line and sings; BEREN awakes and hears her; he gets up and LÚTHIEN sees him]

LÚTHIEN: Beren, Beren!

BEREN: Tinúviel! I have passed through much pain and anguish. Where am I?

LÚTHIEN: We are in the Eyrie of Thorondor King of the Eagles.

BEREN [looking about him]: I must return to Thingol in Doriath. Come with me! He must know of our quest.


DAERON: Lúthien, fair nightingale, daughter of the evening and jewel of my people! Long has it been since I heard your voice like a beautiful spring stream, singing in the forest and on the hills. Why did you ever leave me?

[He packs up and leaves Doriath in search of her. We see THINGOL and MELIAN in Menegroth. ANNAEL enters]

ANNAEL: King Thingol, my lord Celegorm bids me relay to you news.


ANNAEL: Lord Finrod Felagund of Nargothrond...has died.

[THINGOL is worried]

ANNAEL: But it may please you to hear that Beren son of Barahir has also.

[He pauses, getting to the bad, bad news]

ANNAEL: Thus, Lúthien is safe in Nargothrond; the Quest of the Silmaril is over; she will wed Celegorm.

THINGOL [fuming]: You are dismissed.

[ANNAEL leaves]

THINGOL: What do we do, Melian?

MELIAN: The doom you have devised must work to its appointed end, and you must wait now upon time.

[SAEROS enters]

SAEROS: Lord Thingol, where has Dearon gone?

THINGOL: In truth, Saeros, I do not know. Perhaps he has gone in search of Lúthien.

[MABLUNG enters]

MABLUNG: My Lord, news has reached the ears of your spies in Himring.

THINGOL: What news, Mablung?

MABLUNG: Lúthien has fled from Nargothrond; Celegorm has been banished with Curufin. Also, I have news from Doriath. A great wolf has come in madness--into Doriath.

[THINGOL is astonished]

THINGOL: These are grievous tidings indeed. It seems we have an enemy in the sons of Fëanor, and there is a wolf attacking my Kingdom. What hope have we left?

[BEREN and LÚTHIEN return; THINGOL is speechless]

MABLUNG: Lúthien returns in this hour, with Beren, from the Quest for the Silmaril. Indeed it would seem Beren is alive after all.

BEREN [kneeling]: I return according to my word. I am come now to claim my own.

THINGOL: What of your quest, and of your vow?

BEREN: It is fulfilled. Even now a Silmaril is in my hand.

THINGOL: Show it to me!

[Beren holds forth his left hand; it is empty. He shows the stub of his right arm]

BEREN: I name myself Camlost, the Empty-Handed!

THINGOL [looking on him with pity]: Come! Tell me what you will of your tale.

[ANNAEL enters and whispers to MABLUNG]

MABLUNG [shaken]: My Lord, the wolf is heading here.

[THINGOL stands in astonishment, BEREN looks at MABLUNG]

BEREN: Then my quest is not fulfilled. For, my Lord Thingol, that wolf is Carcharoth the Hound of Morgoth, and he bit my hand off as I clutched the Silmaril. Ah! I remember now what happened.THINGOL: Then we must prepare the Hunting of the Wolf. Mablung, bring Beleg.

[MABLUNG exits]

THINGOL: Beren, you may now come and win Lúthien.

Note: This scene is also a mess.


[THINGOL, BEREN, MABLUNG, and BELEG ride north; HUAN comes to them]

BEREN: Huan! My Lord, this is the Wolf that has saved Lúthien and I from many perils.

THINGOL: Then he is welcome in my company.

[A howl in the distance]

THINGOL: There is our prey.

[Cut to CARCHAROTH, drinking in a stream; he sees the hunters and hides behind a large group of thick shrubbery. Cut to the travellers--minus HUAN]

THINGOL: Beleg, Mablung, stay here and watch for the wolves. [to BEREN] Where now is your wolf?

BEREN [dismounting]: Huan? Huan!

[We see him dismount from the side; THINGOL comes into view through the shrubs; CARCHAROTH leaps at his horse. BEREN takes a spear at him, but he leaps of BEREN, claws in his chest. HUAN jumps from the bushes at CARCHAROTH. They battle as THINGOL kneels by BEREN. HUAN kills CARCHAROTH but is mortally wounded and lays by them]

HUAN: Farewell...Beren.

[BEREN lays his hand on the wolf’s head. MABLUNG and BELEG appear: both are speechless. BELEG comes to THINGOL beside BEREN; MABLUNG takes a knife and cuts open CARCHAROTH’s belly and pulls out BEREN’s right hand, still clutching the Silmaril. He hands it to BEREN]BEREN: Receive this, my Lord.[He hands it to THINGOL; THINGOL shaking takes it]

BEREN: Now is the Quest achieved, and my doom full-wrought.

[He rests his head and speaks no more]


[A group of Elves, led by THINGOL and MABLUNG, carry BEREN and HUAN side by side to Menegroth. LÚTHIEN sees them when they reach the site of HIRILORN. She follows this till they leave BEREN in a bed of leaves. After THINGOL and MABLUNG pay their respects, LÚTHIEN comes to him. He opens his eyes as she lays her arms around him]

LÚTHIEN [tears running down her face]: Await me … beyond the Western Sea.

[We see her, walking long, eventually coming to the sea. She looks out, the wind on her face. From behind and far away we see her suddenly fall to the side. Seeing closer we see her face, lying on the grass, dead. We hear her singing. In Menegroth, THINGOL returns to his throne and sinks into it sadly]


Ya know what, this scene is going to be a disaster so I might as well not write it.


[THINGOL is sitting sadly with his eyes downcast on the throne, with MELIAN next to him. LÚTHIEN enters with BEREN trailing. THINGOL looks up at the touch of her hand and smiles in excitement]

THINGOL: Lúthien.

[He sighs as they embrace. LÚTHIEN and MELIAN meet eyes, a tear falls from MELIAN’s face; LÚTHIEN has a slight smile. We see LÚTHIEN and BEREN walking among a forest in Ossiriand, then LÚTHIEN sitting with BEREN and holding a baby: YOUNG DIOR]