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Axe by Eric Faure-Brac

Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu!

Axes were tools for chopping wood and excellent mêlée weaponry, usually associated with Dwarves, but not exclusively used by them.


When the threat of Melkor started to loom over Valinor, there was unrest among the people of Fëanor. So they came to smithing weaponry. The Noldor, renowned steelwrights, crafted sword, spears and axes.[1] Dwarves also made axes; their (doomed) alliance with Elu Thingol made them trade many fine axes, swords and spears with the King of the Sindar.[2] Axes would remain to be the main weapon of the march wardens of Doriath,[3] and were also used by their allies, the House of Haleth in Brethil.[4]

By faction

Dwarven Axes by Artigas
  • Among the Atani of the First Age, the most notable axe-bearers are probably Huor[4] and Tuor, whose axe became a royal heirloom in Númenor.[10] The Men of Brethil carried little weaponry, but mostly axes.
  • Númenóreans were passed the craft of weaponsmithing by the Noldor, and they managed to forge great axes. Their main purpose seems to have been not in war, but in deforesting the woods of Middle-earth for ship-timber.[11]

Notable axe-wielders