Helm's daughter

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This article describes a concept which is mentioned in J.R.R. Tolkien's works, but was never given a definite name.
Helm's daughter
Biographical Information
LanguageRohanese and Westron
Birthbefore T.A. 2754
HouseHouse of Eorl
SiblingsHaleth and Háma
Physical Description

Helm's daughter was the unnamed daughter of Helm Hammerhand.

History[edit | edit source]

In T.A. 2754[1] Freca, a rich and powerful man with wide lands on both side of the river Adorn, who claimed to be descended from King Fréawine yet was said to have much Dunlending blood, was called to a council by Helm. Freca rode to Edoras with a great force of men and asked Helm for the hand of his daughter for his son Wulf. When Helm insulted Freca to have grown fat, Freca in turn insulted Helm to be old and that he could fall on his knees if he refused the staff that Freca had offered with the proposed marriage. After the council Helm took Freca outside, sent everybody away and hit him with his fist so hard that Freca fell down stunned and died soon after that.[2]

Genealogy[edit | edit source]

2644 - 2718
2668 - 2741
Helm Hammerhand
2691 - 2759
d. 2758
d. 2759
unnamed daughter
Fréaláf Hildeson
2726 - 2798
Brytta Léofa
2752 - 2842

Portrayal in adaptations[edit | edit source]

2017: Middle-earth: Shadow of War:

Helm's daughter is featured in this game. She was taken by a warlord who wanted Helm's throne and took his daughter for a lover. Helm was shot at point blank range with arrows. As he lay dying at Edoras, Annatar and Celebrimbor visited the wounded king, giving him one of the Nine Rings of Power. When he recovered, he attacked his would-be assassin, declaring that war had come upon his enemy's house.
However, when Helm's daughter tried to stop her father's rage, Hammerhand accidentally struck her down, killing her (once again, depicted as wielding a war-hammer). Horrified, his grief turned to rage, and Helm proceeded to slaughter his rival and even his own captains who tried to stop him. He was thus transformed by the terrible incident and his Ring of Power into a Nazgûl.

2024: The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim:

Helm's daughter will be featured in this film by the name Héra. She will be voiced by Gaia Wise in English.[3] As Wulf sought vengeance for his father and forced Helm and his people to make a desperate last stand in the Hornburg, Héra summoned the will to lead the resistance against a deadly enemy intent on their total destruction.


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