Houses of the Dead

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This article is about the tombs in Minas Tirith. For the Houses of the Dead in Valinor, see Halls of Mandos.
The Domes of the Dead by Ted Nasmith

The Houses of the Dead[1] were the royal burial site of Minas Tirith. The House of the Kings (the tombs of the Kings)[2] and the House of the Stewards (the tombs of the Stewards of Gondor)[3] were located in there.[4]

They were on the western side of the city of Minas Tirith along Rath Dínen (Sindarin for "Silent Street")[4] at the height of the fifth wall of the city on a mountain shoulder that joined the Hill of Guard, on which the city was built,[5] with Mount Mindolluin.[6] They could be accessed by passing through the locked Fen Hollen (Sindarin for "Closed Door") in the western side of the sixth wall of the city and descending on a winding road that went down in many curves to the narrow land under the shadow of the precipice of Mount Mindolluin at the height of the fifth wall.[4] Fen Hollen was always closed, except when funerals took place and only the Lord of the City and the employees who tended the Houses of the Dead were allowed to enter through it.[4]