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This article intends to list the main events of the life of J.R.R. Tolkien in a chronological order.


[edit] 1892

[edit] 1894

[edit] 1895

  • April: Tolkien's mother Mabel moves with her sons from South Africa to Birmingham, England.

[edit] 1896

[edit] 1900

  • June: Tolkien's mother is received into the Catholic Church.
  • September: Tolkien begins attending King Edward's School.

[edit] 1902

  • Tolkien begins attending St. Philip's School.

[edit] 1903

  • Autumn: Tolkien returns to King Edward's School, having won a Foundation Scholarship.

[edit] 1904

  • April: Mabel Tolkien is hospitalized with diabetes. Tolkien is sent to live with his aunt Jane Neave.
  • June: Mabel Tolkien partially recovers and goes, with her sons, to Rednal in Worcestershire to convalesce.
  • 14 November: Tolkien's mother dies after a relapse.

[edit] 1905

  • Tolkien and his brother go to live with their aunt Beatrice Suffield.
  • Autumn: Tolkien meets his friend Christopher Wiseman at King Edward's.

[edit] 1916

[edit] 1917

[edit] 1920

[edit] 1924

[edit] 1929

[edit] 1937

[edit] 1954

[edit] 1955

[edit] 1971

[edit] 1973