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Amon Hen covers[edit]

A Long Expected Party[edit]

Illustrations for the J.R.R. Tolkien Centenary Conference.

Progress Report Cover 1: Organization  
Progress Report Cover 2: Invitation  
Progress Report Cover 3: Decoration  
Progress Report Cover 4: Preparation  
Progress Report Cover 5: Exasperation  
Progress Report Cover 6: Celebration  
Party Piece: centrefold of the Tolkien Centenary Conference 1992 Souvenir Book  

Christmas cards for the Tolkien Society[edit]

Shirefolk in Winter
Card for Christmas 1990  
"We'll be home 'afore it snows again"  

Weathertop covers[edit]

All five covers had the same frame designed by Kay Woollard, but the illustrator for the inside piece varied. Kay also supplied the central piece twice.

Scenes of the Shire[edit]

The first six were commissioned and published as a set of greeting cards for the Tolkien Society.

Springtime in the Shire  
Little Milkmaid in the Yale  
The Shirriff, or Caught in the Act  
The Revellers' Return  
Mushroom Pickers in the Marish  
Mushroom Pickers in the Marish, version 2 (retouched unfinished design)  
The Landlord of the Ivy Bush (retouched unfinished design)  
A Cornfield in the Shire (retouched unfinished design)  
Grape Harvest in Southfarthing (sketch)  

Pages from Hob Painter's Sketchbook[edit]

Hob Painter was an autobiographical character invented by Kay Woollard. He was an independant draughtshob who mainly (barely) earned his living by painting inn signs, but his favourite subjects were portraits and landscapes.

1. Noggin, the sandy-haired pot boy at "The Mushroom"  
2. Landlord of "The Mushroom" at Muttering Overgate  
3. Rosie from "The Mushroom", Muttering Overgate, South Farthing  
4. Waiting for the Buckland Ferry. The pretty girl with the strange bundle...  
5. Waiting for the Buckland Ferry. The two little lads and their dad...  
6. At the Buckland Ferry. The Three Gammers  
7. At the Buckland Ferry. The Sad Lad  
8. The Two Gaffers Looking at the Three Gammers  
9. The two sisters with the empty bird cage  
10. The quarreling lovers.  
11. The young Stoor  
12. The farmer's pretty wife and their children.  
13. The bonny lad who very nearly missed it!  
14. Lally Wayward's Cottage - South Farthing  
15. Smial near a waterfall - North Farthing  

A Sunny Summer Afternoon in the Shire[edit]

This set is also from one of Hob Painter's notebooks. He drew these in pencil first and finished them later. He owed his burst of inspiration to a very fine pen he had recently acquired which he wanted to try out. His favourite drawing in the set was Old Pump on Mushroom Lane.

1. The Strange Story Tree  
2. Strawberry Tarts on Pewter Dish  
3. A Bachelor Smial  
4. A Very Necessary Place  
5. The Old Rain Barrel  
6. Small Pie Cooling  
7. A Very Good Way to Spend an Afternoon  
8. The Path from the Woodshed  
9. Almost over the fence  
10. The Lookout  
11. Gammer's Sweetheart  
12. Gammer Waiting for her Sweetheart  
13. Sulking  
14. Old Pump on Mushroom Lane  
15. The Pedlar  
16. The Water Jug  
17. Rhubarb Pie  

Landscapes and Settings of the Shire[edit]

The eye of the observer is invited to wander, as each of the paintings tells a story.

A cottage in the Marish - East Farthing  
The pedlar of medicines - Cottages and cottagers near Hardbottle  
An almost concealed Smial - West Farthing  
Dinner time - A farmhouse kitchen in the Shire  
It always rains on washing day - Smial in South Farthing  
The Causeway, looking South - Rushey in the Distance: A Blustery Day in Early Autumn  

Various Hobbits[edit]

Belladonna running after Isengar in the Old Forest  
The Latter Days of Gerontius Took  
Two Gaffers and a Gammer  
Alfric, the hero of The Survivor (Mallorn 25)  
A Slumbering Pedlar  
Children of the Hobbits  

Various Dwarves[edit]

The first seven pieces displayed here belonged to Peter Bolton (deceased). Each individual piece is also reproduced separately.

A memorial note on Peter is appended to his collection. This section of the gallery is dedicated to him.

Peter's Dwarves collection  
Group of Dwarves  
Dwarf with a Mallet  
The Warning Blast - Dwarf in a Landcape  
Heather ale and cram - Dwarves pause on a journey  
Dwarves Crossing a Moor  
Young Dwarf with a Sword  
Dwarf Sentinel  
His Father's Helmet - Dwarves Preparing to Go Forth  

Various Ents[edit]

Thoughtful Ent at Sunset  
Ent Talking to Squirrels  
Ent in Late Autumn Sun


Various Elves[edit]

Elf in a Misty Wood  


The Butterfly Window