Tolkien Studies: Volume 2

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Tolkien Studies: Volume 2
Publication Information
EditorDouglas A. Anderson, Michael D.C. Drout, Verlyn Flieger
PublisherWest Virginia University
ReleasedPrinted: April, 2005
Digital: May, 2005
FormatHardcover; electronic

Tolkien Studies: Volume 2, published in 2005, is the second volume of the annual review Tolkien Studies.

This issue reprints W. Rhys Roberts's "Gerald of Wales on the Survival of Welsh", an essay which J.R.R. Tolkien contributed with a translation of a Latin passage into the "AB Language", a dialect speculated by Tolkien to had existed in the West Midlands of England in the 13th century. [1]

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  • Articles
    • Richard C. West, "'And She Named Her Own Name': Being True To One's Word in Tolkien's Middle-earth"
    • Douglas A. Anderson, "Richard C. West: A Checklist"
    • Miryam Libran Moreno, "Parallel Lives: The Sons of Denethor and the Sons of Telamon"
    • Judy Ann Ford, "The White City: The Lord of the Rings as an Early Medieval Myth of the Restoration of the Roman Empire"
    • Elizabeth Massa Hoiem, "World Creation as Colonization, British Imperialism in 'Aldarion and Erendis'"
    • Margaret Sinex, "'Tricksy Lights': Literary and Folkloric Elements in Tolkien's Passage of the Dead Marshes"
    • Patchen Mortimer, "Tolkien and Modernism"
    • John Houghton and Neal K. Keesee, "Tolkien, King Alfred, and Boethius: Platonist Views of Evil in The Lord Of The Rings"
    • Kristine Larsen, "A Definitive Identification of Tolkien's "Borgil", An Astronomical and Literary Approach"
    • Linda Greenwood, "Love: 'The Gift of Death'"
    • Michael J. Brisbois, "Tolkien's Imaginary Nature: An Analysis of the Structure of Middle-earth"
    • Douglas A. Anderson, "Obituary: Humphrey Carpenter (1946-2005)"
  • Notes and Documents
    • Beth Russell, "The Birthplace of J.R.R. Tolkien"
    • Douglas A. Anderson, "J.R.R. Tolkien and W. Rhys Roberts's 'Gerald of Wales on the Survival of Welsh'"
    • Sandra Ballif Straubhaar, "Gilraen's Linnod: Function, Genre, Prototypes"
    • Dale Nelson, "Little Nell and Frodo the Halfling"
  • Book Reviews
    • The Alphabet of Rumil & Early Noldorin Fragments (Parma Eldalamberon 13), and Early Qenya & Valmaric (Parma Eldalamberon 14), by J.R.R. Tolkien, edited by Arden R. Smith, Christopher Gilson, Bill Welden, Carl F. Hostetter, and Patrick Wynne, reviewed by John Garth
    • Following Gandalf: Epic Battles and Moral Victory in The Lord of the Rings, by Matthew T. Dickerson, reviewed by Joe R. Christopher
    • The Real Middle-earth: Exploring the Magic and Mystery of the Middle Ages, J.R.R. Tolkien, and "The Lord of the Rings", by Brian Bates, reviewed by Bradford Lee Eden
    • The Road to Middle-earth, Revised and Expanded Edition, by Tom Shippey, reviewed by Gergely Nagy
    • Tales Before Tolkien: The Roots of Modern Fantasy, edited by Douglas A. Anderson, reviewed by Charles E. Noad
    • Tolkien: A Cultural Phenomenon, by Brian Rosebury, reviewed by Jane Chance
    • Tolkien and C. S. Lewis: The Gift of Friendship, by Colin Duriez, reviewed by Mike Foster
    • Tolkien and the Great War: the Threshold of Middle-earth, by John Garth, reviewed by Brian Rosebury
    • The Tolkien Fan's Medieval Reader, edited by Turgon (David E. Smith), reviewed by Jane Chance
    • Tolkien in the Land of Heroes: Discovering the Human Spirit, by Anne C. Petty, reviewed by Alexandra Bolintineanu
    • Tolkien the Medievalist, edited by Jane Chance, reviewed by Shaun F. D. Hughes
    • Tolkien through Russian Eyes, by Mark T. Hooker, reviewed by Timothy P. Wickham-Crowley
  • David Bratman, "The Years' Work in Tolkien Studies 2001-2002"
  • Michael D.C. Drout, Melissa Smith-MacDonald, "Bibliography (in English) for 2003"

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