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"Palantír of Elostirion" (MECCG)

The Palantír of Elostirion, also known as the Elendil Stone was one of the Palantíri brought by the Faithful from Númenor.

The stone was aligned westwards towards the Master-stone in the Tower of Avallonë, along the length of the Straight Road; because of this, it could not communicate with the other six of Middle-earth. Only Elendil was able to use it to look west across the Sea and see the Undying Lands;[1] but he could not see Númenor for it was covered by the bent seas for ever.[2]

It was stored in the tower Elostirion, Emyn Beraid and after Elendil's death the Elves took it under their care and no Man used it again.[3]

Even after the fall of Arnor, Wandering Companies of Elves made pilgrimages to visit the Towers and see the Stone, in order to catch a glimpse of Varda. One such company, led by Gildor Inglorion just returning from Elostirion, was encountered by Frodo, Sam and Pippin on September 24, T.A. 3018.[4]

It remained in its tower until the end of the Third Age; it was then removed by Cirdan, placed on the White Ship and taken back into the West.[2]


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