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"The Wizards River Horses" by Rob Alexander
General Information
Other namesLoudwater
RegionsRhudaur, Eregion

Bruinen or Loudwater was a river in eastern Eriador. It began with two tributaries flowing from the western slopes of the Misty Mountains, one of which came from the High Pass where Goblin-town existed. The Bruinen terminated when it joined the Mitheithel River. The southern arm of the Bruinen flowed through the deep valley where Elrond founded the refuge of Rivendell. The Bruinen had only one known ford, the Ford near Rivendell.[1]

The river formed the eastern border of the Kingdom of Arnor and later the petty-realm of Rhudaur. It also formed the northern border of Eregion.[2]


When Thorin and company went to reclaim Erebor, they crossed the Bruinen after their adventure with the Trolls, before they long paused at Rivendell.[3]

At the beginning of the War of the Ring Frodo Baggins was carried on Glorfindel's horse towards the Ford of Bruinen, with the Ringwraiths in hot pursuit. At the Ford Frodo, poisoned by a Morgul-wound, made his stand, and defied the Lord of the Nazgûl. This lured the Ringwraiths into the Bruinen, and Elrond and Gandalf released a great flood, which took the form of horses made out of water due to Gandalf's magic. This flood killed the horses of the Ringwraiths and their physical forms, buying the Fellowship of the Ring some time.[4]


Tolkien translated the name as Loudwater. Patrick H. Wynne suggested that Bruinen is Sindarin and linked the first element brui ("noisy") to the second element of the word Ulumúri, and several other Qenya and Goldogrin words with some connection to "great sound". The second element is nen ("water").[5]