Adar (The Rings of Power)

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The name adar refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see Adar (disambiguation).
"Adar (The Rings of Power)" is a concept which has only appeared in an adaptation of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
Possibly Moriondor
"Adar" in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power
Other namesFather
Lord of the Southlands
Lord of Mordor
LocationBeleriand, Dúrnost, Trenches, Tirharad, and Watchtower of Ostirith
AffiliationOrcs of the Southlands/Mordor
formerly: Morgoth and later Sauron
LanguageBlack Speech
BirthFirst Age
Possibly Cuiviénen
RuleLate Second Age
Notable forAspiring to become a God
Physical Description
RacePossibly Moriondor
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlue
Grey breastplate
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Adar was possibly one of the Moriondor according to Galadriel. Adar was invented by Amazon Studios for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, where he was portrayed by Joseph Mawle before being recast as Samuel Hazeldine for the second season.


The Adar poster for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

According to Galadriel, when the Elves first awoke at the beginning of the First Age, Adar was possibly one of many of them who were taken by Morgoth. He was tortured and twisted, becoming one of the first Orcs, a new and ruinous form of life. As such, those that followed him revered him as a God and in turn, he called them his "children".

At one point during or prior to the War of the Great Jewels, Adar walked alongside the mouth of a river which had banks covered by miles of sage blossoms.

After the First Age and the downfall of Morgoth, Adar was one of many who answered the call of Sauron from the fortress of Dúrnost within the Forodwaith Northern Waste. Initially an adherent of his second master's purposes to heal Middle-earth, he ultimately became disillusioned with the Dark Lord, noting the selfish sacrificing of his "children" to create a power over flesh. Adar eventually rebelled against Sauron, attaining the belief that he split him open.

Sometime later within the Second Age, Adar became the leader of significant Orc-legions operating within the Southlands of Middle-earth and sought a sword hilt bearing Sauron's sigil, as it held the key to unleashing Orodruin. His followers soon began to dig tunnels stretching from their trenches to Hordern and Tirharad. Hordern is destroyed by the Orcs and later, the Silvan Elves stationed at the Watchtower of Ostirith are captured, including Arondir, Médhor, and Watchwarden Revion. They are put to work in the camp, but later initiate a failed revolt, resulting in the Orc-chief Magrot being mortally wounded. Upon being made aware of the situation by Lurka, Adar entered the main area of the camp where Magrot lay. The Orcs all bowed to Adar as he passed each of them. When he reached Magrot, Adar knelt by him, soothing his pain before putting him out of his misery with a dagger, ending his life. While the other Orcs took Magrot's body away, Adar questioned Arondir, the lone survivor of the revolt, learning that he was born in Beleriand. After evading Arondir's questions, Adar sends him to bear his embassy to the Southlanders taking refuge in the Watchtower of Ostirith: either they swear fealty to him and relinquish their claim on the Southlands or they will perish. A short while later, as Adar observed a caged Warg devouring an arm, Grugzûk informed him that the sword hilt was with a boy in Ostirith. Later, Adar is made aware by Grugzûk that the tunnel to Orodruin was finally complete and that the legions were ready. Adar orders Grugzûk to expose his arm beneath the Sun. As Grugzûk's arm burns, Adar asks him what it feels like and Grugzûk tells him it is like fire. To this, Adar claims that he wishes that he could feel the sun's warmth as he can, before reminiscing how he will miss it when the night comes. Afterwards, He orders Grugzûk, to summon and prepare the legions.

Adar in the sunlight from The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

After making a temporary encampment in Tirharad, a group of Southlanders, led by Waldreg, approach him seeking to swear fealty in order to keep their lives. Upon being mistaken by Waldreg for Sauron, Adar furiously flings Waldreg to the ground, before forcing him to kill Rowan with a dagger to prove his loyalty. Regardless however, Adar accepts the allegiance of the other Southlanders as well.

After leading his followers to the Watchtower of Ostirith, Adar walks into a trap set by Arondir, who causes the tower to collapse. Many of Adar's followers, including Bazur, are killed. At the arrival of nightfall, Adar springs an attack on Tirharad, where the Southlanders have returned to. As the price for admission into his ranks, the Lord-father forces the Men in his employ to fight for him alongside an advance party of Orcs against their own kin at the battle in Tirharad, resulting in the morale of the resisting villagers to be broken. During the second assault, Adar's legions easily overrun Tirharad, pinning the Southlanders in the tavern. In an attempt to force Arondir to reveal the sword hilt, Adar has his Orcs murder as many Men as necessary until the hilt is revealed. It is only when the wounded Bronwyn is threatened, that the location of the hilt is revealed by Theo.

Just as Adar passes the hilt to Waldreg, his followers are ambushed by an army of Númenóreans led by Captain Elendil and the Queen Regent Míriel. Upon trying to flee on a brown horse, Adar is pursued by Galadriel and ambushed by Halbrand. Not desiring to be captured, Adar tries to provoke Halbrand into killing him, but is thwarted by Galadriel, who interrogates him back at Tirharad. When Galadriel demands to know if he was one of the Moriondor, Adar simply scoffs, neither confirming nor denying her accusation. However, when Galadriel threatens to move the other captives into the sunlight, Adar admits his old subservience to Sauron, whom he claims to have rebelled against and slain. Adar also reveals his goals: to morph the Southlands into a place where his "children" could thrive, no longer slaves shackled to Morgoth or his successor, Sauron. However, Galadriel refuses to believe him, laying bare her hatred of Orcs and promising that she will make sure that he is the last of his kind when she kills him. Adar counters her threat by suggesting that her search for Morgoth's successor should have stopped with a a mirror of herself. To this, Galadriel nearly slices Adar's throat, only to be stopped when Halbrand brings her to her senses.

Unknown to Galadriel and her company, Waldreg was still at large with the sword hilt per Adar's instructions and used it to release the lake beyond Ostirith. As the flood travels through the tunnels that the Orcs had previously made, Adar presses his ear to the floor, listening to the sound. After Orodruin is awoken by the flood, Adar somehow escapes his confinement though unknown means. Later, as the Orcs get used to not needing their sun-cloaks, Adar is proclaimed the Lord of the Southlands by his followers. Upon hearing the name though, he rejects it as being the name of a place that no longer exists. As such, he changes the name to Mordor wherein it is likely that his title changed to the Lord of Mordor.


adar is the Sindarin word for "father".[1]