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The Aratar, also known as the Máhani (Val. māchanumāz) or simply just the Eight, were the High Ones of Arda, the greatest of the Valar: Manwë, Varda, Ulmo, Yavanna, Aulë, Mandos, Nienna and Oromë. Though Manwë was held to be the High King of Arda, the Eight were held in equal reverence, and were said to possess a majesty that surpassed even the other Valar.

The Aratar were originally nine, and included Morgoth. He was removed from this 'order' during and after his rebellion.[1]


Aratar is Quenya for "The High Ones",[2] "The Exalted"[3] or "The Supreme".[4]

Aratar is the plural of arata ("high, lofty, noble"),[5] being an extended form of the stem ara-, which in Quenya had become specialized for the Aratar, but also used in noble names.[3] It has the same root as the Sindarin term Rodon (pl. Rodyn).[6]

Another form is Máhan/Máhani, a loan from the Valarin term māchanāz pl. māchanumāz "Authorities". These terms are also the source of Máhanaxar/Māchananaškad.[4]

Other versions of the legendarium

The idea of some exalted Valar is present since the earlier versions of the Valaquenta, but the number increased with the development.


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