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"Este the gentle" by Šárka Škorpíková
Biographical Information
Other namesÎdh (S), Eord (N)
Titlesthe Gentle
PositionHealer of hurts and weariness
Physical Description
ClothingGrey raiment[1]
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"Grey is her raiment; and rest is her gift"
Valaquenta: Of the Valar

Estë was one of the Valier and the wife of Irmo.


Estë had the power to heal all hurts and weariness.[1] Her favourite place was an island on the tree-shadowed lake of Lórellin in the Gardens of Lórien where she slept during the day. She was always clad in grey.[1]


Estë dwelt with her husband Irmo in the misty halls and extensive, silver-lit gardens of Lórien. There were many Maiar who served Estë and Irmo. In Lórien, Estë and her husband tended to the Elves of Valinor, who drew refreshment from the fountains, and even the Valar would come there to find repose and ease from the burdens of Arda.[1]

Varda originally intended to place the Sun and Moon in the sky, one travelling from the east and one from the west, to allow for a mingling of their lights. However, Estë and her husband spoke against this as the excessive heat and light had withered their gardens, the stars were hidden, and restful sleep had been banished from the Earth. Varda listened to their counsel and, to allow for a time of night, changed the course of the Moon and the Sun. Each would then take turns travelling through the sky as the other lay in Ekkaia.[2]

Other versions of the legendarium[edit]

In earlier drafts of this character, Estë did not attend the Councils of the Valar and was not reckoned among the Valier. Instead, she was counted as a Chief of the Maiar.[3]


Estë (Quenya, pron. [ˈeste]) means "rest".[4] The same root, EZDE, also yielded her Sindarin name, Îdh (pron. [iːð])[5] and the Nandorin Eord.[6]

She was also referred to as Estë 'the Pale' several times in the Annals of Aman.[7]




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