Army of the West

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The Army of the West, also Host of the West was the great host prepared by the Lords of Gondor and Rohan to march on the Black Gate after the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.

Two days after the council of the Last Debate (March 16, 3019)[1], a force of 7,000 men left Minas Tirith. Under Aragorn were 2,000 of those who sailed with him up the Anduin; under Imrahil were 3,500 (probably from among the original defenders of the city); under Éomer were 500 Rohirrim unhorsed, and another 500 horsed; and lastly another 500 horsed Knights of Dol Amroth, Rangers of the North, and the two sons of Elrond: 6,000 men on foot and 1,000 on horse.[2]

When the host reached the Cross-roads, the captains stationed a strong force of archers there, to guard against any attack from the East or South.

The host came to Morgul-vale on the next day. On 23 March the Army exited Ithilien and along the way some 1,000 faint-hearted men who would not approach the Black Gate were dismissed and commanded to liberate Cair Andros. Finally the next day they camped in the Desolation of the Morannon.[1]

At the Slag-hills they were surrounded[1] and fought in the Battle of the Morannon with less than 6,000 men total, but because of the destruction of The One Ring, they were able to achieve a very decisive victory. It is not told how many casualties the army suffered though it was apparently few.[3]