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Beorn's Hall

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Beorn's Hall by J.R.R. Tolkien, color added by H.E. Riddett

Beorn's Hall was the home of Beorn.


The Hall lay near the Carrock (a great stone hill with steps carved into it) east of the Great River of Wilderland, just west of Mirkwood.[1] Beorn's home was surrounded by oak trees and an inner thorny hedge with a high, broad wooden gate in the northern side. Within the hedge on the southern side were rows of straw bell-shaped bee-hives. A large garden covered much of the interior, along with several buildings (barns, stables, and sheds) and a path that led to Beorn's long low wooden house.

The house had a courtyard between two long wings. Facing the courtyard was a dark door that opened into a wide hall with a fireplace in the middle with an opening in the roof for the smoke to escape. There were many pillars on either side of the hall, and there was a long table close to the front door, in the middle with benches on either side. Along both sides of the walls were raised platforms where the tables and extra beds were stored. At the south end of the room there was a door that opened upon the veranda with wooden benches that overlooked the flowers of the garden.

There were servants in Beorn's Hall: four white ponies, several large grey dogs, and a small herd of sheep. Beorn could communicate with his animals in a queer animal-like language and they were able to take care of his guests.[2]

In T.A. 2941[3] Thorin and Company arrived at Beorn's Hall needing food and aid after their escape from the Goblins and wargs. Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins approached Beorn while the dwarves waited. Sitting upon the veranda the wizard told their tale as pairs of dwarves arrived, thus holding Beorn's interest and preventing him from shooing away a crowd of beggars. Beorn aided the company once he confirmed their story.[2] Months later, at Yule-tide, Gandalf and Bilbo returned with Beorn after the Battle of Five Armies to Beorn's Hall. There they stayed until spring when the wizard and the hobbit could recross the Misty Mountains on their way to Bilbo's home.[4]

Portrayal in adaptations

2013: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug:

Beorn's Hall appears in the second Hobbit film, with its appearance is almost the same as in the book. The exterior scenes were shot in Paradise, New Zealand while the interior scenes were shot in studio.


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