Tolkien: Life and Legend

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Tolkien: Life and Legend
Tolkien, Life and Legend.jpg
AuthorJudith Priestman
IllustratorJ.R.R. Tolkien
PublisherBodleian Library, Oxford
FormatPaperback exhibition catalogue

Tolkien: Life and Legend is the catalogue of the 1992 centenary exhibition held by the Bodleian Library, Oxford, to commemorate the centenary of the birth of J.R.R. Tolkien.

"Tolkien: Life and Legend" in 1992 was the first largest exhibition focused on Tolkien. In this exhibition 250 items are listed in the catalogue, with almost all coming from the Bodleian archives — a few were donated by Tolkien's publisher HarperCollins, and a small number from Corpus Christi College and Exeter College from Tolkien's time there.[1]

This catalogue lists, describes, and gives background on the items displayed during the exhibition. It reproduces a large selection of artwork, photographs, maps, manuscript pages, annotations, letters, and other momentos in both colour and black & white.

A few examples are: the cover of Ye Chequers Clubbe Binge[2], of Exeter College Smoker[3], a page from Book of the Foxrook.[4]

Table of content[edit]

The catalogue was published with a poster
  • Introduction
  • Catalogue
    • Family and Early Life (item 1-15)
    • Schooldays and Oxford (item 16-45)
    • War (item 46-61)
    • Lexicography and Leeds (item 62-86)
    • 'Mr. Baggins' (item 87-146)
    • The Lord of the Rings (item 147-191)
    • The Silmarillion (item 192-223)
    • Academic Life (item 224-232)
    • Last Years (item 233-250)
  • Afterword

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