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Lëa-vinya (Q.Lëa the Young) was a Maia and the wife of Tulkas in a late revision of the legendarium.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Lëa-vinya was described as being the "highest of the Maiar", along with Estë the Pale, though neither ever attended the councils of the Valar.[note 1][1]

It was said that at a feast during the Spring of Arda, Tulkas espoused Lëa-vinya, who was associated with the maidens of Yavanna, being the fairest of them. Lëa-vinya danced before the Valar as Vána clothed her with the first flowers that bloomed.[1]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Lëa-vinya is Quenya for "Lëa the Young",[1] possibly from the root Lay ("be alive, flourish") and the word Vinya ("young, new") as speculated on Eldamo.[2]


  1. Lëa-vinya is not, however, synonymous with Nessa, the wife of Tulkas in The Silmarillion, since both Lëa and Nessa appeared together in the same writings.


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