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Featured articles on Tolkien Gateway are considered to be our very best articles, as judged by its editors. They are the articles we take especial pride in, and show an example to the world of our very best work, and as a model to editors for how to write other articles. As such, featured articles are showcased on the Main Page.

To achieve the status of featured article, candidate articles must meet 10 criteria before being reviewed by editors of accuracy, completeness, referencing, length, and style according to our featured article criteria. Since introducing the nomination format in 2008, Tolkien Gateway has had a total of 10 featured articles out of 12,542 articles.

Nomination process[edit source]

Main article: Tolkien Gateway:Featured articles/Nominations

All nominations take place at Tolkien Gateway:Featured articles/Nominations. The nomination process was formalised by User:Mith in 2011:

Any registered user can nominate an article for featured status. It should be well-written, complete, illustrated, and referenced and meet these specific criteria:

  1. The text is entirely written by TG editors with correct English spelling, grammar and punctuation;
  2. There are no outstanding maintenance templates on the article;
  3. The article is well-referenced throughout, leaving the reader under no illusions as to where to source information themselves;
  4. The article conforms to TG's Standards, as well as those laid out in the relevant Project;
  5. The text is sprinkled with relevant images (including captions) of appropriate size - if necessary, including a gallery;
  6. Articles are at least 5,000 bytes long;
  7. Where applicable, contains sections of "History", "Portrayal in adaptations", "Other versions of the legendarium", "See also", "Etymology", "Genealogy", "Other names", etc;
  8. Where applicable, full use has been made of relevant templates, e.g.: disambiguation, see also, main, navigation, pronounce, familytree, sequence;
  9. Where applicable, contains interwiki links;
  10. Preferably no red-links, but no more than half-a-dozen.

After nomination, an article should receive five votes with with no objections within a month or so; each user being able to cast one vote.

Should a nomination be successful, it is the responsibility of an administrators to update the Main Page and move the nomination to the archive.

History[edit source]

Former featured articles and their voting process remain in Tolkien Gateway:Featured articles/Archive after they have stopped being featured on the Main Page. The dates below indicate when they were featured on the Main Page.

ArticleDates featured
Aragorn1 June 20089 April 2009
Witch-king9 April 20096 December 2009
Glamdring6 December 200928 February 2011
Eriador28 February 201124 June 2011
Smaug24 June 201123 August 2014
Radagast23 August 201425 December 2018
Thorin25 December 20183 July 2020
Fingon3 July 20202 January 2021
Mr. Bliss2 January 202120 January 2022
Roverandom20 January 202221 May 2022
Gurthang21 May 20221 January 2023
Gondolin1 January 202323 June 2023
NĂºmenor23 June 20232 January 2024
Curufin2 January 2024present

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