Dark Guard

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Dark Guard
"He Beheld a Vision of Gondolin Amid the Snow" by Ted Nasmith
Other namesOuter Guard
PurposeGuarding the Outer Gate of Gondolin
Notable membersElemmakil
LocationCavern near the Outer Gate
High sward overlooking Tumladen

The Dark Guard, also known as the Outer Guard, was a division of Gondolindrim that guarded the Outer Gate of Gondolin in the dark cavern that preceded it. They were the first Gondolindrim to confront those who attempted to enter the city through the Seven Gates. [1][2]


In the year F.A. 400, Aredhel, returning to Gondolin with her son Maeglin, was happily received by the Dark Guard. However, Eöl had followed them from a distance, discovering the secret entrance into the city. The Dark Guard was taken by surprise when Eöl revealed his presence to them while traversing the Orfalch Echor by stealth. After he claimed that Aredhel was his wife, the Guard brought him before Turgon in the Tower of the King.[1]

Years later, the Dark Guard was approached by Tuor and Voronwë in their cavern in front of the Outer Gate, the Gate of Wood. Their captain, Elemmakil, was amazed that his friend Voronwë would bring a mortal Man with him. He announced that he should, by law, slay him. Voronwë and Tuor answered that they came at the command of Ulmo. As Elemmakil guided the two through the Seven Gates, they passed the guard divisions of the other gates.[2]

On the inner side of the Last Gate, an unknown number of Elves representing the Dark Guard were stationed at the high sward overlooking Tumladen. They stood with an army of soldiers that contained representatives from each of the Seven Gates.[2]


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