Gate of Gold

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Gate of Gold
"Gate of Gold" by Narfil Palùrfalas
Other namesGolden Gate, Sixth Gate
LocationOrfalch Echor
AppearanceWall of yellow marble, gate decorated with many-rayed discs of gold

The Gate of Gold was the sixth of the Seven Gates of Gondolin.


The Gate of Gold was the last of the ancient gates of Turgon that were wrought before the Nirnaeth Arnoediad. The gate was similar in appearance to the Gate of Silver, however the wall was made of yellow marble, and the globes and parapet were of red gold. There were six globes, and in the midst upon a golden pyramid was set an image of Laurelin, with flowers wrought of topaz in long clusters upon chains of gold. The gate itself was decorated with many-rayed discs of gold, in likenesses of the sun, set amid devices of garnet and topaz and yellow diamonds. Beyond the gate was a court where three hundred archers were arrayed with longbows and gilded mail. Tall golden plumes rose from their helmets, while their great round shields were as red as flames. These archers were possibly members of the Guard of some captain or chieftain and later had some representation at the high sward overlooking Tumladen under the Warden of the Great Gate. This gate followed the Gate of Silver and was followed by the last gate, the Gate of Steel.[1]


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