Gate of Stone

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Gate of Stone
Alan Lee - Orfalch Echor.jpg
"Orfalch Echor" by Alan Lee
Other namesStone Gate, Second Gate
LocationOrfalch Echor
AppearanceWall across canyon with two towers, door of dark, smooth stone

The Gate of Stone was the second of the Seven Gates of Gondolin.


It stood in Orfalch Echor, half a league from the Gate of Wood. It was in form a wall with two stone towers. The gate was, in fact, a large, dark, and polished stone placed upon a pivot, above which was a bright lantern. When pushed upon on one side, the gate would swing until perpendicular to its previous position. This feature could doubtless be disabled in time of siege. The guards of the Gate of Stone were robed in gray. It followed the Gate of Wood and was followed by the Gate of Bronze.[1]