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General Information
LocationWestern Rohan, skirting the White Mountains
DescriptionSlopes and fields
People and History
EventsFirst Battle of the Fords of Isen
Second Battle of the Fords of Isen
Battle of the Hornburg

The Westfold was the western part of Rohan, close to the White Mountains and lying between the river Isen and the Folde. The North-South Road ran through the Westfold from the Fords of Isen to Edoras. Its stronghold was Helm's Deep.[1]


The Westfold was originally part of the realm of Gondor until in T.A. 2510 the fief of Calenardhon was granted to Eorl the Young by the Ruling Steward Cirion. Thereafter the Westfold was part of Rohan.[2]

In 2758 the Dunlendings led by Wulf overran Rohan and King Helm took refuge in Helm's Deep.[3] During the subsequent Long Winter first prince Háma and then Helm made sorties and forays into the Westfold for food and to attack their besiegers. Both men died in the snows.[4]

In the beginning of 3019, due to the threat of invasion by the forces of the wizard Saruman, Théodred, the son of King Théoden, established himself at Helm's Deep to command the military strength of the Westfold. When actual war began Théodred added to the Muster of Westfold by summoning the Muster of Edoras.[5]

On 25 February the First Battle of the Fords of Isen was fought.[6] In this fight the sole objective of Saruman was to slay Théodred; had his forces invaded the Westfold immediately after this battle Rohan would have suffered grievously.[7] Instead, Saruman's army withdrew and did not return until 2 March to fight the Second Battle of the Fords of Isen.[6]

Following the fall of Théodred, command in the West-mark was assumed by Erkenbrand, who was Lord of Deeping-coomb and much of the rest of the Westfold. In the Second Battle the forces of Erkenbrand were scattered and Saruman's host marched through the Westfold to attack the Hornburg. However, in the Battle of the Hornburg all of the enemies were crushed.[8]

After the fall of Sauron the funeral escort of King Théoden rode to Edoras. Subsequently the remaining members of the Fellowship of the Ring traveled through the Westfold from 14 August to 22 August when King Elessar took his leave.[9]