29 September

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Events that occurred on 29 September.

On Earth[edit | edit source]

In Arda[edit | edit source]

  • T.A. 3018:
    • Gandalf visits the Gaffer.
    • Boromir travels towards Rivendell to ask for counsel.
    • Harry Goatleaf lets Black Riders into Bree.[1]
    • Strider hides behind the hedge on the Road west of Bree and eavesdrops on "Mr. Underhill". Frodo and his companions reach Bree at night and Harry lets them in. Strider follows climbing over the gate.[1]
    • The hobbits stay at the Prancing Pony. Barliman Butterbur takes them to the parlor for dinner.[1]
    • Butterbur doesn't let Strider interrupt Frodo, and stays in the Commons room; Bill Ferny is also there. After dinner, the hobbits, join, while Merry stays in the parlor.[1]
    • Pippin interacts with the people in the room while Strider finally talks to Frodo. Merry is going for a walk.[1]
    • In the inn Frodo arouses attention by his sudden disappearance by wearing the One Ring. Seeing this, Bill leaves for his home. Meanwhile Merry sees a Black Rider outside.[1]
    • Strider warns Frodo to be more careful and in the parlor he reveals himself as being Gandalf's friend. Meanwhile Merry follows the Rider to Bill's house, where Bill tells about Frodo's disappearance.[1]
    • Barliman Butterbur finally gives Frodo Gandalf's letter and sends Nob to find Merry. Harry recognises Merry and two Riders go to take him, while one goes to notify the Witch-king; merry faints because of the Black Breath.
    • Nob finds Merry and yells at people.[1]
    • Merry returns to the parlor. Anticipating an attack, the hobbits's rooms are emptied while Strider and Nob fix them.[1]
  • T.A. 3021:

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