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Richard Svensson - Badger-brock.jpg
"Badger-brock" by Richard Svensson
LocationOld Forest
AffiliationTom Bombadil
Childrenmany sons[1]
Physical Description
Eye colordark

Badger-brock was an individual of the Badger-folk, mentioned only in Hobbit verse. He had a "snowy forehead" and "dark blinking eyes", and lived with his wife and many sons in a secret house near the Withywindle. On one occasion, Badger-brock caught and pulled down Tom Bombadil to the burrows of the Badger-folk under earth. But Tom displayed his power using chant, which caused all the Badger-folk to become frightened, and they showed him out again.[1]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Brock is an Old English and Middle English word for badger.[2]

Portrayal in adaptations[edit | edit source]

1982-97: Middle-earth Role Playing:

Only mentioned briefly, the Badger-brock of the Withywindle is one of the Creatures of Faerië.[3]

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