Swans of Gorbelgod

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"I see what I see. And if they be not birds, what are they? Very great must they be, greater than the Swans of Gorbelgod, of which legends tell. And lo! I see another that comes behind, but less clearly, for its wings are black."
Tal-Elmar watching four strange birds from atop a hill top. The Peoples of Middle-earth, Tal-Elmar (chapter)

The Swans of Gorbelgod were a race of swans remembered in legend on Númenor. They were white and of an unusually great size.[1] Little else is known about these creatures, or about the location of Gorbelgod.


Tal-Elmar watches three strange white birds with his father, Hazad. He initially mistakes them for the legendary swans of gorbelgod, only to be proven wrong when a fourth bird ends up being different.

Other versions of the legendarium[edit]

In the manuscript, J.R.R. Tolkien used the name Dur nor-Belgoth and changed it later to Gorbelgod.[2]


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