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Parma Endorion: Essays on Middle-earth by Michael Martinez (edited by Matt Tinaglia) is a freely available eBook containing a complete survey to the places, locations, history and peoples of Arda, from the beginning of days until the Lord of the Rings and the Fourth Age.

It also contains some insight into J.R.R. Tolkien's world and Martinez's past essays like for example the similarities (or lack thereof) between the Rohirrim and Anglo-Saxons, or how a Middle-earth themed wedding should be planned.

It contains a few illustrations by Anke Eißmann.


Chapter 1: The Geography of Arda[edit]

Chapter 2: A Brief History of Arda[edit]

Chapter 3: The Elven Peoples of Arda[edit]

Chapter 4: The Men of Arda[edit]

Chapter 5: Orcs and Other Foul Things[edit]

    • Orcs
    • What did Orcs look like?

Chapter 6: A Little Bit Of Hobbit Lore[edit]

    • Where did Hobbits come from?
    • What happened To Sméagol's people?
    • How did Hobbits go to sea?

Chapter 7: Things You Might Not Have Known About The Northmen[edit]

    • The Anglo-Saxon Myth
    • Why did Tolkien use Old English to represent the language of Rohan?
    • But what about "Beowulf?" Didn't Tolkien use material from the classic Anglo-Saxon poem?
    • Okay, but were The Rohirrim unlike the Anglo-Saxons in any Significant way?
    • What About The Burial Mounds outside Edoras?
    • The Kingdom of Dale
    • The Great King Bladorthin

Chapter 8: What Does An Elf Do In Aman?[edit]

Chapter 9: What Does A Woodman Do All Day?[edit]

Chapter 10: Planning The Middle-earth Wedding[edit]

    • Rehearsals and Receptions

Chapter 11: The Wonders of Middle-earth[edit]

Chapter 12: A Chronology For Tolkien's Four Ages[edit]

Chapter 13: Sources Used For Research[edit]

  • Appendix A: New Information
    • Orcs

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