Rivers of Gondor

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The Rivers of Gondor can be classified into two overlapping groups.

Rivers of Gondor[edit]

The Five Rivers of Gondor are named in order of their mouths from east to west:[1]

  1. Erui, flowing from Lossarnach and into the Anduin;
  2. Sirith, arising from the White Mountains and joining the Anduin at Pelargir;
  3. Serni, meeting the Bay of Belfalas just below Linhir;
  4. Morthond, being joined by Ringló and Ciril it flows into the Cobas Haven;
  5. Lefnui, the fifth river which forms the boundary between Gondor and Drúwaith Iaur.[2]

In Tolkien's earlier notes on the creation of the map of Middle-earth - included in both The Treason of Isengard and The War of the Ring - Christopher Tolkien shows that the original extensive list of the Rivers of Gondor also included the Anduin, the Duin Morghul, the Poros and the Calenhir.[3] In the earlier drafts of The Lord of the Rings there were several references to both the "Land of the Seven Streams" and "Seven Streams" (with one in the published Lament for Boromir: "I saw him ride over seven streams, over waters wide and grey");[4] although Christopher Tolkien regards this as a "puzzle", a note from Tolkien on the map names the seven rivers (the five above with two more added):[5]

  1. Isen, flowing westward to Belegaer from Isengard;
  2. Gwathló, representing the boundary of Arnor, passing through the port of Tharbad and joining the sea at Lond Daer.

However, the poem "The Last Ship" in The Adventures of Tom Bombadil makes reference to the "Seven Rivers"[6] which are identified as:[7][8]

  1. Lefnui, the first river going from west to east, forms the western boundary of Gondor;
  2. Morthond, starting near the southern entrance of the Paths of the Dead it passes Erech to reach the sea above Dol Amroth
  3. Kiril, a tributary of the Morthond that flows from the White Mountains past the town of Calembel;
  4. Ringló, another tributary of the Morthond that passes through the ford of Ethring;
  5. Gilrain, joining the river Serni at Linhir;
  6. Serni - originally spelt "Sernui" - and joins with the Gilrain at Linhir;
  7. Anduin, the Great River that flows from Rhovanion, over Rauros, through Osgiliath and out into the sea after Pelargir.

Five Rivers of Lebennin[edit]

Lebennin is the region south of Minas Tirith between the White Mountains and Ethir Anduin. Its name means "Five Rivers", and the Five Rivers of Lebennin are the following:[9][10]

  1. Erui, forming the traditional boundary between Lebennin and Anórien;
  2. Celos, a small tributary of Sirith;
  3. Sirith, arising from the White Mountains and joining the Anduin at Pelargir;
  4. Gilrain, which started as two unnamed tributaries in the White Mountains and flowed south meeting the Serni at Linhir;
  5. Serni, meeting the Bay of Belfalas just below Linhir and above Ethir Anduin.

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