The Great Wave

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"...It is a long tale..." — Aragorn
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The Great Wave
DirectorWayne Che Yip
WriterJ. D. Payne
Patrick McKay
Jason Cahill and Justin Doble[1] (written by)
MusicBear McCreary
Main Title by Howard Shore
StudioAmazon Studios
Released16 September 2022
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Queen Regent Míriel's faith is tested; Isildur finds himself at a crossroads; Elrond uncovers a secret; Arondir is given an ultimatum; Theo disobeys Bronwyn.

The Great Wave is the fourth episode of Amazon Studios's television series, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, released on 15 September, 2022.


The Southlands


Queen Regent Míriel is conducting the ceremony of the Blessing of the Children when suddenly, the earth starts to shake. Míriel looks outside to see water rushing in, knocking over the city walls while a huge wave towers over the Armenelos. As water floods into the palace, Míriel suddenly wakes up from her dream and is greeted by Edda, who asks her what business she will attend to that day.

In a city square, Tamar addresses a group of people about Míriel's dealings with Galadriel, spreading misinformation that the Elves will take over all of the guilds of Númenor. Pharazôn, upon being made aware by his son, Kemen, goes to address the crowd himself. He tells the Men that being afraid of an Elf is unworthy of Númenor, assuring them that he will keep Númenor a kingdom of men. In the aftermath of the speech, Kemen introduces himself to Eärien, later inviting her to dinner.

Galadriel tries to convince a skeptical Míriel that Halbrand is the exiled king of the Southlands and that Númenor should help him defeat Sauron in Middle-earth. When Míriel rebuffs her, Galadriel aggressively demands an audience with Míriel's father, Tar-Palantir, whereupon she is put in jail in a cell alongside Halbrand. Meanwhile, while undergoing the sea trial, Isildur is distracted by a vision of the West, causing himself, Valandil, and Ontamo to fail the trial and be expelled from the Sea Guard.

Talking to Halbrand, Galadriel realizes that she provoked Míriel's anger and fear by demanding to speak with the king. Pharazôn arrives with a guard to escort her to a ship back to Middle-earth, but she overpowers the soldiers and escapes to the King's Tower, where she confronts Míriel near Tar-Palantir's bed. In response to Galadriel's questions, Míriel informs her that a rebellion took place when Tar-Palantir announced plans to renew relations with the Elves, and she was chosen to rule in his stead. She then shows Galadriel a palantír in which can be seen the vision of Númenor overwhelmed by a great wave. Míriel says she is afraid that following Galadriel's advice will provoke the wrath of the Valar and lead to Númenor's destruction.

The next morning, the Númenoreans watch Galadriel step onto a boat in the harbor rowing out to a ship. Walking back to the palace, Míriel sees the petals of the White Tree falling, indicating a sign from the Valar. Míriel then announces that she plans to go to Middle-earth with Galadriel to aid the people of the Southlands against Sauron. Elendil asks for volunteers for the expeditionary force and receives an enthusiastic response, beginning with Isildur, Valandil, and Ontamo.

Eregion and Khazad-dûm


In order of appearance (in episode credits)
Actor Role
Cynthia Addai-Robinson Queen Regent Míriel
Ema Horvath Eärien
Leon Wadham Kemen
Trystan Gravelle Pharazôn
Morfydd Clark Galadriel
Lloyd Owen Captain Elendil
Charlie Vickers Halbrand
Maxim Baldry Isildur
Anthony Crum Ontamo
Alex Tarrant Valandil
Ismael Cruz Córdova Arondir
Joseph Mawle Adar
Nazanin Boniadi Bronwyn
Peter Tait Tredwill
Geoff Morrell Waldreg
Tyroe Muhafidin Theo
Ian Blackburn Rowan
Robert Aramayo Elrond
Charles Edwards Lord Celebrimbor
Sophia Nomvete Princess Disa
Owain Arthur Prince Durin IV
Ken Blackburn Tar-Palantir
Peter Mullan King Durin III
Laura Medes Young Mother
Carmel McGlone Edda
Jason Hood Tamar
Adam Faiz Guild Merchant
Antonio Te Maioha Sail Master
Phil Grieve Bazur
Luke Hawker Magrot
Jed Brophy Vrath
Edward Clendon Grugzûk
Robert Strange Warrior Orc
Dave Chapman Masked Dwarf Guard
Preston O'Brien Guardsman Two
Rachel Payne Dwarf Singer


Actor Role
Unknown actor Alinel
Unknown actor Gamli
Unknown actor Gerda
Edward Clendon Lurka


Below is a list of trivia from Amazon's "X-Ray" feature that accompanied the episode.

  • Scene 2 - "Most of the details and elaborations told herein are derived from 'The Lord of the Rings', its prologue entitled 'Concerning Hobbits', and its Appendices, A through F, where the intrepid traveler may journey to discover even farther horizons."
  • Scene 5 - "The White Tree of Númenor, Nimloth, is a descendant of one of the Two Trees of Valinor — it is a seedling of the tree Galathilion, itself borne of the fruit of Telperion that once lit the Undying Lands. (Book VI, Chapter 5)"
  • Scene 11 - "The Meneltarma is the tall mountain that rises in the center of the isle of Númenor. (Appendix A)"
  • Scene 17 - "The Western Shores of Númenor face the Undying Lands and are the absolute westernmost point of all mortal lands. Before they were expelled, elves from Eressëa would come to those shores with gifts and knowledge. (Appendix A)"
  • Scene 20 - "Beleriand was the country that expanded west of today's Middle-earth before bring destroyed in the First Age. Lindon is all that remains of what it used to be. (Appendix A)"
  • Scene 22 - "Orcs eat and drink like other species - they may be wicked and cruel, but if they are to live at all they must live like other creatures. They will foul waters and meats when in need, but they are not so evil or different that they can get by on poison. (Book VI, Chapter 1)"
  • Scene 24 - "Elrond's father was Eärendil the Mariner, who crossed the Sea to obtain the help of the Valar. He was given a fate apart, sailing his ship through the sky as a sign of hope to those oppressed by evil forces. (Appendix A)"
  • Scene 26 - "Dwarves have a special reverence for the Mirrormere, the lake just outside the eastern entrance to Khazad-dûm - they say that in the reflection of its dark waters, the first Durin beheld a crown of stars above his head. (Book II, Chapter 4)"
  • Scene 28 - "To mine in Khazad-dûm is less a blunt-force affair, and more an act of revered sculpting - slowly and methodically tending to the stone to uncover the secrets held within. (Book III, Chapter 8)."
  • Scene 32 - "The badges on Pharazôn's tunic are symbolic of the many Guilds of Númenor - each Guild has a crest to represent it, and each specializes in a specific craft or civic responsibility."
  • Scene 36 - "The Palantíri were made by the Noldor in Valinor, perhaps even by Fëanor himself. Objects of incredible power, the full extent of what one can see within them is mere speculation, but they could undoubtedly see across seas of both water and time to perceive things far off and days remote. (Book III, Chapter 11)."
  • Scene 38 - "The language the Orcs use is the Black Speech, a tongue used without a love of its words, filled with curses and abuse. It was devised for the use of the servants of evil. (Appendix F)"
  • Scene 41 - "Dwarf-women seldom walk abroad from their own realms, giving rise to foolish beliefs about them amongst outsiders. (Appendix A)"
  • Scene 42 - "Durin was the name of the eldest of the Seven Fathers of the Dwarves, and the ancestors of all the kings of the Longbeards. Durin I was known as Durin the Deathless, for he lived for such a long time, a much greater span than is normal for dwarves. (Appendix A)"
  • Scene 44 - "Men have always ranked among the servants of the Dark Powers. Through pride they prove easy to corrupt - or dominate. (Book II, Chapter 2)."
  • Scene 47 - "The King of Númenor is considered by many to be one of The Faithful, those who resist the dominant pull of the kingdom away from its roots and affiliation with the Eldar and the Valar. He tried to bring his kingdom back to the elven ways of its beginnings, but in so doing created strife and rebellion among the people he ruled. (Appendix A)"





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