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This page lists specific tasks to be completed in Tolkien Gateway. Feel free to add new suggestions of things to be improved in the wiki, but remember this is "the J.R.R. Tolkien encyclopedia that anyone can edit", so you can also pick a task and get into it. Just do not forget to follow the Manual of Style. Users can also be involved in wider projects.

Wiki updating[edit]

Discussed by gatekeepers in Discord


Pointed by various users in a Reddit post
  • the War of Wrath article talks about the presence of the Valar during the battle, but there's nothing in the text stating that they were actually present.
  • Please more clearly define First Age (the First Age began in VY 1050 with the Awakening of the Elves, ended with the beginning of the Years of the Sun according to the Valinorean loremasters, but for the loremasters of the Noldor Exiles, included the 590 sun years from the rising of the Sun to the overthrow of Morgoth.)
  • The Timeline article and the Timeline/First Age article both incorrectly mark the beginning of the First Age in the first year of the Years of the Sun instead of VY 1050.
  • "Years of the Lamps" is fanon for the 3500 Valian year period from the descent of the Ainur into Arda up to the creation of the Two Trees. This time should be "Days before Days".
  • The time within the "Days before Days" that was lit by the Two Lamps is the Spring of Arda.
  • Nazgûl#Powers_and_abilities is mostly fanon.

Quanta Sarmë[edit]

Pointed by Erkenbard in Discord
  • the page about Quanta Sarmë says that "its usage and characters are a mystery" and lacks any information about qanta-tenkele from PE22, while that system, fully explained there and readily useable, is essentially the same full writing system as later Quanta Sarmë, I believe, or at least it is worth mentioning in connection with the latter; so some of the editors with access to PE22 might want to take a look at this matter.

A collection of all important & useful websites regarding Tolkien[edit]

Suggested by User:Luotiansha
  • This page - Websites - is intended to be an index to all the useful and good websites both now and past. It is best to give a short description to each of these entries. Anyone can add entries to it!


Suggested by User:IvarTheBoneless
  • Change the Noldor/Vanyar/Falmari infoboxes to include the 'people' section, so that Gnomes, Teleri, and Solosimpi characters could be under their respective infoboxes. Subsequently delete the Gnomes infobox.
  • Maybe create a super infobox for characters that magically changes its color depending of the race.


Suggested by User:Dour1234

Some priorities[edit]

Suggested by User:LorenzoCB
Good summary! A note: some years ago we discussed page references to UT, and found that the pagination is not consistent in the different editions (unlike the Houghton Mifflin/HarperCollins HoME, and works that have a "standard" edition like LotR). I therefore made an expanded citation template for UT, since there are several divisions and sub-divisions in the book. But perhaps there are new reasons to start including page references to UT as well? --Morgan 22:29, 4 August 2022 (UTC)
Christopher Tolkien uses UT pagination constantly thoughtout HOME, so using the same as him is perfectly consistent with what we already have. I've always included pages when citing UT, aware that it was the same as the one used by Christopher. Expanding the citation template was useful nontheless, but having the more precise references, the better. --LorenzoCB 12:53, 5 August 2022 (UTC)