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Mundburg was the name given to Minas Tirith by the Rohirrim of Rohan in their own tongue.[1][2][3][4][5][6]


Mundburg means "Guardian-fortress" in the language of Rohan.[1] Like many names in Rohan, it is probably an Old English name. It probably consists of mund ("protection")[7] and burg ("fortress")[8], probably a translation of the Sindarin name of the city. The name of the "Mounds of Mundburg" comes from this name.

Other versions of the legendarium

In manuscripts Tolkien used the Old English names Gemenburg, Heatorras Giemen Minas Tirith and Mundbeorg. gemen means "care", "heed" or "watch". Heatorras means "high towers" and Mundbeorg means "protection-hill".[9] The Old English variants berg and beorg mean "hill" or "mountain".[10]

On an unfinished sketch, Tolkien has written the names Stanburg (Old English) and Steinborg (Old Norse) both meaning "Stone City".[11]